Mr. President, You Do Not Need To Hold Back Nor Lie To Us (Again) About How You Really Feel

For this coming MLK Day it is also not necessary for you to speak on or make any proclamation in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. Why do something you really don’t care about?

Don’t worry about the moral duty nor tradition behind it. You don’t need to lie for posterity or go against your conscience. Don’t allow the white house staff, the republicans or democrats, or even your family members to force you to do this either. You weren’t elected to empathize with the plight of Black people in this country — past or present. You weren’t elected to acknowledge any injustice or oppression that civil rights proponents have either gone through, have felt, or have endured when America was great.

There is absolutely no reason for you to be concerned over the ramifications of that past and its fake news comprising an American history. Remember that you were elected for your candor on othering. You were elected to put people like myself down — and dismiss them as second class citizenry of America. You don’t need to disappoint the viewership of Fox News. You can’t let them down. They are the ones who see the greatness in you and they voted for what you won’t stand for — equality and justice for all. Besides, those societal conditions should remain institutional aspects of what the Founding Fathers intended constitutionally as privileged rights reserved for whites, not civil rights.

The press, the popular vote, and your detractors have no right to question your fitness to lead when you have solemnly been sworn to do what’s right for America first.

Mr. President, I suggest that you continue to try and make good on this Faustian Bargain between you and the Electoral College vote

This pact has also been sanctioned by an evangelical support for which your greatness as president of all time will be praised, and your likeness enshrined, as long as you can deliver on your campaign promises to make America exclusively white again. A promise that presupposes the epoch of a Victorian America where minorities play into the vanity of whiteness as subjects of erasure and immigration policies are exclusive.

Many will detest your candor only because the ideology is usually whitewashed in public, but this is far too repressive for a man of your stature and broad representation of the real deep state of America. We have become too accustomed to the subtleties of discrimination, why not let the world know what whiteness truly stands for.

Now there may be pushback here and there.

But we certainly should not be playing into attempts to promote a facade of a post racial America again either.

Under or after a Trump presidency any semblance of such hallucinations would be akin to an excruciating detoxification from psychologically abusive political toxins. Furthermore, this is not what they truly feel.

It took a campaign filled with bigotry and divisive posturing to get you to the pinnacle of American leadership. A true showman whose bark actually came with some bite. Mr. President, I implore you to tell us how you really feel. In this way we can recognize more clearly the idiocracy that has taken hold of our country, and it is the only way we can incontrovertibly see America for what it truly is without opportunistically deceiving us for what it ain’t.

By the way this is not satire, nor intended to be. If you thought this was satire then you are probably a bit uninformed and have misread this.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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