Mr. Trump’s Cult of Personality Will Be Tested By The Market

The White House, The Republican Party, libertarians, evangelicals, opportunists, racists, and their donors have coalesced to form this amalgamation under a vacuous Trump ideology that resembles a cult, only this is not of the religious variety, it is a sociopolitical tweetworking of #we-vs-them pathology.

You can easily find a list of psychological and behavioral traits that anyone can ascribe to Trump of which he exhibits flawlessly on many occasions. In a remarkable display of idiocy captured in the video montage provided by the Washington Post below, Trump exudes an unflinching quality to seize upon any serendipitous moment under his perch.

The reason our stock market is so successful is because of me,”

“The reason our stock market is so successful is because of me. I’ve always been great with money, I’ve always been great with jobs, that’s what I do. And I’ve done it well, I’ve done it really well, much better than people understand and they understand I’ve done well. [🧐🤨]But we have a tremendous amount of strength because of what’s happened. You know, think of it — $5.5 trillion worth of value.”__Donald Trump

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On this very same disturbing market pattern since his electoral reincarnation, it appears the crickets have taken over his twitter account on the matter in recent days.

With Monday’s steep fall, Trump has presided over the biggest stock market drop in U.S. history, when measured by points in the Dow Jones industrial average. The free fall began in earnest Jan. 30 and snowballed Friday and Monday, for a combined loss of almost 2,100 points, or 8 percent of the Dow’s value.

Surely Trump’s disciples along with the market experts will come up with rising inflation fears, or an anticipated market correction for an overheated market which should ameliorate the masses — a sort of “I told you so before it was so”🤔🤨 retort. While that may sound like something your want to hear, it really is just an overused and oversold lecture for market parishioners. What they will not proselytize is the absurd confidence and irrational sentimentality that came in the dawn of Trump. So now the tax cuts aren’t going to be enough to sustain implausibility in the markets. Will the ensuing chants recited by Republicans towards sacrificial cuts to healthcare, education, and the dismantling of the environmental protection agency suffice?

Cults deliberately induce powerful emotions, like fear and guilt, but also pride. They tend to develop their own language, dress, and signals which show their specialness.

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“I’m not overly concerned about the market volatility,” Mnuchin said at a House Financial Services Committee hearing on financial stability. “The fundamentals are quite strong.”__Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Whatever comes next I am sure this cult will draw on our afflictions and seek to mesmerize us with a ritual infrastructure spending bill and a “raise the roof” debt ceiling of a budget bill to cast away our recessionary possessed demon spirits.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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