Much Needed De-racialization Therapy

Then and only then will we be able to think and see straight as one nation

A plurality of journalists, whom on behalf of the respective national media agencies they report for, insist on coming up with any number of recycled excuses that are simply mired in denialism about this president’s racializations in governance and leadership. They also echo the plurality of our congressional leaders and their take on what is obviously and tangibly seen as highhanded racializations of presidential stewardship but would rather assuage their remarks in ways that obscure that fact by connoting some incidental concomitant aberration of this president like the special prosecutor probe. This and any other aberration you can easily find are secondary or are no greater than that of the actual racialization occurring. Anything else you can come up with, or whatever you make it out to be is simply and merely a byproduct of it.

But why though? Why all this self-denial?

Are all of you crazy?

“I think, therefore I am.” — Descartes

“I am because we are.” — African Ubuntu (philosophy)

Black existentialism and European existentialism share analogous interests and themes such as existence, consciousness, anxiety, meaninglessness, despair, and fear; however, there are significant differences between them. Black existentialism is grounded in the emancipation of all Black people and addresses the matter of Black struggle and suffering. More importantly, Black existentialism acknowledges the resiliency and agency exercised in reclaiming voice, while seeking meaning in the world (Biko, 1978/2002; Gordon, 2000, 2013).²

While we continue to be inundated by the media with all this misleading theorizing about what brought us to this defining moment under a Trump presidency, without any substantial deliberation about the racialization that got us here, I believe that such permeated denialism has made a predominance of Americans alarmingly fragile with this widespread self-deception.

This self-deception is no different than the president either rationalizing his lack of awareness — in building symbols of exclusion and callous, or snake oil selling a $5 billion dollar border wall as a worthwhile and durable solution to a complex matter like immigration in the form of racialized and pseudo border security.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has stated that it is too early to talk about impeachment. Why couldn’t she have said that this is one of many items on the table for deliberation in the House. Why not throw in that such discussions would reveal the danger of Trump’s racialization and the undue influence it has over the nation? Racialization caused one of the most bloodiest battles between citizens on American soil by literally and figuratively dividing the nation. It casted a pall on democracy just like this Trump presidency has done.

Racialization is this irreverent existential mindset and its axioms are presented to create and establish inequity as a means of legitimizing whiteness and its’ pseudo superiority.

First, let us really define what racism is because indeed this word has also been tossed around indiscriminately to silence and or intimidate another or group in discourse and in disagreement. Racism is not a defensive tactic, it is no doubt offensive.

Accordingly, racism is ‘an ideology of racial domination or exploitation that (1) incorporates beliefs in a particular race’s cultural and or inherent biological inferiority and (2) uses such beliefs to justify and prescribe inferior treatment for that group’. It is thus a set of ideas or beliefs about relatively durable patterns of difference and inequality between human social groups.¹

The stupidity of this administration runs shallow where decisions of impact and and tort support racializations and not democratizations. So much has been wasted here on illogical reasoning that is counterintuitive in nature — human nature. In fact, instead of downplaying or refusing to accept existential race qualities that determine humanness, acknowledge and unlearn what has become a philosophical error in reasoning and in practice. Commit yourself to just being human first and foremost.

“There is no such thing as a discrete individual, Spinoza points out. This is a fiction. The boundaries of ‘me’ are fluid and blurred. We are all profoundly linked in countless ways we can hardly perceive. My decisions, choices, actions are inspired and motivated by others to no small extent.The passions, Spinoza argued, derive from seeing people as autonomous individuals responsible for all the objectionable actions that issue from them. Understanding the interrelated nature of everyone and everything is the key to diminishing the passions and the havoc they wreak. ³

¹ Bobo, Lawrence D., (November 06, 2017) Racism in Trump’s America: reflection on culture, sociology, and the 2016 US presidential election, The British Journal of Sociology/ Volume 68, Issue 51. Retrieved from

² Linwood G. Vereen, Lisa A. Wines, Tamiko Lemberger-Truelove, Michael D. Hannon, Natasha Howard, and Isaac Burt., Black Existentialism: Extending the Discourse on Meaning and Existence. Retrieved from:

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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