Much obliged in this thought-provoking and insightful dialogue with you Caleb and your illustrations of knowledge misuse or its deficiency further drives our point.

I wouldn’t implore anyone to weaponize knowledge as armament for the Resistance, especially in the way it is being used against us, it should simply be a deterrent and a means of disarming the pseudoscience that drives emotive rationale and the miasma of incompetence and despair that comes with it.

This unconventional armament has already set this nuanced infowar with Russia in motion and we should not assume that collateral damage hasn’t besieged Russia in the way it has America, simply because we don’t see it. The fog of war has given the perception of Russia winning only because of the suppression of democratic freedoms there, this population control mechanism was already in place.

In a sense Republicans undermined the democratic process and principles by calling for a vote for Syrian intervention when President Obama drew the redline. This was a formidable move by Obama to showcase the strength of a democracy. Unfortunately it was squandered and instead made democracy here vulnerable to misinformation. When they callously voted against military intervention they only sought to incentivize themselves with the capture of political power by weakening their political foe. Republicans seemingly borrowed a page of citizen predation from Russia to usurp power. The White House seems indebted to them. Why many have failed to realize how this backfired at this point is not so much of a mystery for it has schadenfreude written all over it. The ignorance of the conservative electorate played into their hands rather serendipitously in their successful Republican coup of government.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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