My Condolences and Prayers To Those Who Have Been Affected By One Of The Worst Mass Shootings In U.S. History

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At least eight guns, including a number of long rifles, were found in his room, Las Vegas Police Undersheriff Kevin McMahill told CNN.

The current state laws on firearms only obfuscate matters further and lead to wide gaps and failures for the federal agencies to pinpoint, prevent, and secure us from domestic terrorism.

The atrocities attributed to this right to bear arms is an odious one. It is reckless, and is oftentimes used by the ignoramus amongst us as a false justification to issue grievances, and or target groups they choose to hate amongst us.

Clearly, the availability of weapons act as fodder for a lack of restraint on impulsiveness, or self-control, enabling violent impulses to go uninhibited, and unchecked.

A vigilante response to bear arms in self-defense would only intensify a vicious cycle in scope and intensity for further gun violence that would increasingly include innocent bystander deaths with absolutely no resolve. These issues will only continue to plague American society. It is not an effective or lawful deterrent. It undoubtedly presents a false sense of security.

The neurosis that ensues from these episodes foment and animate hyper-vigilantism which is oftentimes mislabeled as an intellectual disability or even psychosis. This lame excuse not only mischaracterizes most of the perpetrators under a generalization of mental illness, it sanitizes a deliberate malevolence within our midst.

The obscenity and frequency of gun violence in America is becoming a specious normalization of terror. Serious consideration and focus should be placed on repressing the anxieties that conjure bias, stress, anxiety and related phobias with empathy, compassion and positive community building experiences. Law enforcement would prove to be less arduous if we simply tighten gun control laws and begin discontinuing and revoking gun permits and licenses by constitutional decree and amendment.

The mistaken lawful right that inadvertently allows for infringement on the personal rights and freedoms of others does not void the consequentialism that portends death and injury to people. A consequence that is seemingly aiding and abetting the privilege and profiteering of the gun industry, whose powerful lobbying efforts by the N.R.A. undermine and vitiate the constitution to fear mongering and maliciously absurd interests. Their untenable efforts and arguments only seek to absolve manufacturers and dealers of the irreparable harm sold to citizens. The inveiglement of this expression of freedom and amendment right contributes to the social dysfunction, lack of practicality and bereft of ethics that simply demoralizes our society.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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