My man! That is quite an opening Clay, it certainly warrants the sort of retrospection required to move forward in ways that that don’t inspire a repeat of history. What we can learn from the past would serve to provide a better future.

Unbeknownst and vehemently ignored, what seems to additionally contribute to ongoing cycles of racism is this unwillingness and insensitivity to acknowledge the origins of racism in this country. A deep gash remains and it hasn’t healed. There hasn’t been enough caring done for these open wounds to heal, instead they have been ignored, and the visible scabs are stubbornly picked at to a point of abscess. This itch is triggered by not only not wanting to know, but by not caring. Our entire nation body is weakened by the ensuing infection.

Thanks for showing us some of that preventive care to a possible cure for this infection.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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