My thoughts exactly, and they are complementary to yours Marley K.. After completing my civic duty at the polling place today, I was clearly unenthusiastic and glum over; how much vitriol it takes; how much discontent is needed; and how much dissatisfaction is felt to motivate people to vote for or against the amoral and wayward direction taken by this administration.

The only contentment seen in this administration’s policies is in the schadenfreude enjoyed by in-groups with how despondent and fitful it makes the out-groups feel.

While I hear and read about how most white men proclaim that they need to keep the country going in the right direction under Trump, I get a sense of their desperation in them — in attempting to hold on to racial and gendered hierarchical relevancy. One that has been fraudulent from the start.

They are used to playing on an uneven playing field tilted in their favor and it is terrifying for them to consider playing a fair game on a level playing field. It is terrifying for them and the women who benefit from it to consider their whiteness as a scam. It is also terrifyingly pathetic for those people of color to consider whiteness for what it is and to deny the false exceptionalism ascribed to them by whiteness.

To those who feel that giving it all up would be akin to sailing in a rudderless ship then you have no idea of how shallow these waters are.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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