Never, Ever, Submit To The Emotive Arising From Stupidity

Just let them stew in a fitful rage until they tire themselves out from their idiocy

There is an emboldened stream of consciousness inspired by a mob rule mentality that has made its way through the electoral process and invaded the White House. It could be said that one of the leaders of this aberrant groupthink sect of Trump apologists is Ann Coulter.

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First off, Ms. Coulter is described as an intellectual, 🤔 and as such has attained a privileged platform offering political punditry to many media outlets, presumably based on crackpot profundity published as a conservative best seller, that even has the ear of the president. The institutional callousness of it all ingratiates even the reputation and journalistic reach of The New York Times. Privilege indeed.

Frank Bruni of the New York Times described Ms. Coulter as an “intellectual” 😕 in a recent interview transcribed in the opinion column of the New York Times.

Frank Bruni

I don’t think people understand what an intellectual godparent of Trumpism you are.

🤨 Impressed are we?

A rational person doesn’t have to wonder much to determine if this is about having great intelligence. Frankly, Frank, this has little to do with knowledge or knowing, and most definitely has all to do with ignorance — not wanting to know. It is exhibited conversely with this chauvinistic semblance of buzzwords that construct this enthusiastic nationalistic call disguised as — a) pseudo-intellectualism b) pseudo-profound bullshit, with absolutely no basis in truth, nor moral sensibility.

Many have slyly attributed cunning and ingenuity to Ann Coulter’s rhetoric, which can incontrovertibly be described as an intemperate, irrational belief of dominance or superiority over groups viewed as inferior. In spite of that, this form of blind devotion in pure idiocy is motivating insensitive beliefs that are then fraudulently justified by pseudo-intellectuals — especially this one with a B.A. in History from Cornell University*. One reason for the remarkable receptivity to this cultural cultivation of pseudo-profound bull$hit is the emotionality — in that it actively makes the white-self or the tribe feel better about the deceptive confidence of uniqueness being instilled — exclusively in the minds of Americans without hyphenation — and perpetuated through symbolic violence.

* The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person .— Cipolla’s Second Basic Law of Stupidity.

I overstand it completely, but I guess you have to understand Trumpism to get it. I doubt the concept or musings of Trumpism is anything but erudite to say the least. The reception this receives in general seems irrespective of meaningful and moral propositioning and is mired in prejudicial malice and bias with authoritarian-informed policy making. Referring to the build the wall campaign, Coulter states,

Ann Coulter

I don’t know what more horrible thing you could come up with than violating your central campaign promise that became the chant and the theme of the campaign that he promised at every single rally. I mean, implementing the principles of “The Communist Manifesto” wouldn’t be more of a betrayal than that. It’s totally secondary to me, but it’s kind of hilarious that more money is being given to the Department of Health and Human Services than Barack Obama even requested in his budget.

This is intellectual to them. Not to most. This is one of many ongoing ethymemetic arguments that is likely to impress, but in fact is substantively lacking otherwise in cognitive vigor. In other words this is simply more pseudo-profound bull$hit.

In On Bullshit, the philosopher Frankfurt (2005) defines bullshit as something that is designed to impress but that was constructed absent direct concern for the truth. This distinguishes bullshit from lying, which entails a deliberate manipulation and subversion of truth (as understood by the liar). There is little question that bullshit is a real and consequential phenomenon. Indeed, given the rise of communication technology and the associated increase in the availability of information from a variety of sources, both expert and otherwise, bullshit may be more pervasive than ever be- fore. Despite these seemingly commonplace observations, we know of no psychological research on bullshit. Are people able to detect blatant bullshit? Who is most likely to fall prey to bullshit and why?¹

The introduction of false equivalences — “the Communist Manifesto” and alleged overfunding of the Department of Health and Human Services does not explicitly give adequate reasoning for building an “impenetrable physical wall” that Donald Trump has called for and which is logistically confounding to make any sense of.

It is by all accounts practically, morally, and legally — not worthy, quite unethical, and not jurisprudent to build such a wall. But yet many people think the pseudo-profound bullshit presented by Coulter phrased in sociopolitical babble is appealing enough to go along with as conservative posturing — or the preservation of whiteness to stave off the conspiratorial forced reduction of the white population.

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Ann Coulter.CreditChad Batka for The New York Times

The obvious vagueness of Coulter’s rationalizing hides the overt racist ideologies and ill-advised attempts to preserve whiteness. This has been an ongoing existential battle of the white-self, ever since the fraudulent concept of racial superiority became a political device to divide and conquer the masses or distract them long enough to corrupt American democracy.

Even today, most White Americans either do not think about their Whiteness at all or else think of it as a positive or neutral category. (Feagin & Vera, 1995)²

Manhattan sophisticates 🤔

No doubt that the institutional callousness that is rife with idiocy here has held for so long working to disenfranchise others while benefitting the self interests of Trumpist acolytes. This illegitimate hegemony of ideological consent gives the rhetoric of whiteness its gall, even though the concept is rooted in deception by wealthy interests to control labor and resources.

Coulter is reported to have amassed a sizable fortune for herself due to her successful art of gaslighting polemics and she reportedly owns a condo in Manhattan, as one of her luxury digs.

Most seem to be uninformed of the use of the symbolic violence that is used in academic circles and in the larger society to perpetuate White power and privilege. Some are even oblivious to the character of White privileges.²

This majorly contributes to the quagmire we find ourselves in under this incompetent and caustically democratic administration.

There is little question that bullshit is a real and consequential phenomenon.¹

It is no wonder why Trump tweets are simply enough to sway the republic with absurdly astonishing effect, zeal and skepticism towards the Department of Justice and the FBI — positions filled indirectly by the electorate. This influence is morally troubling. It carries a mob rule mentality that pushes deindividuation — loss of self-awareness and restraint, (O’Connor P., 2014) onto a resentful and anxiety-filled populace. This is apparent in the recent social upheaval over deliberation and debate for proper gun control measures, and the appalling response to that debate through denigration and stigmatization of Stoneman Douglass high school students affected by gun violence.

One can draw substantive conclusion to the obsession to uphold an wild west imagined, yet loose interpretation of the Second Amendment that is consistent with “Group Threat Theory — the idea that when minority groups grow in size or power, the majority group feels threatened” (Skinner, A., 2017, Are Americans becoming more xenophobic?)

Coulter’s ability to instigate and influence a sizeable mob by peddling this emotively charged threat from minorities has her establishing a sub base of Trump supporters called Former Trumpers. Here she obtusely attempts to describe the group’s political position.

Ann Coulter

[…]The issue f the Former Trumpers. We are voting on the issues, not the man, and I think that is how you get away from tribal politics.

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In general, my sense of all of the claims about Trump and the women and the sexual misbehavior is that it is not true. I actually think he probably is a gentleman and is home at night at 9 p.m. sitting in bed eating cheeseburgers.

This is the response after Bruni asked Coulter about any concerns she may have over Stormy Daniels and several other women who have come out with allegations of unwanted sexual advances and harassment.

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Ann Coulter

The Former Trumpers are the ones who would die for Trump, who would defend him from anything, who did defend him and blew off the “Access Hollywood” tape — blew off everything. We kept coming back. He could sell Ivanka Trump merchandise from the Oval Office if he would just build the wall.

If he doesn’t have us anymore — that’s what he should be worried about, because, you play those people for suckers? The ones who stood by him through thick and thin and thought this was finally something different? Former Trumpers should put the fear of God in him.

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This has been another edition of An American Potpourri Of Profound Bullshit Vol. 1, №2, Check out Vol. 1, №1 and be on the lookout for Vol. 1, №3


² Vera, H., Feagin, J., & Gordon, A. (1995). Superior Intellect?: Sincere Fictions of the White Self. The Journal of Negro Education, 64(3), 295–306. doi:10.2307/2967210

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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