Once again, what goes without saying needs preaching.

I have heard this “embarrass to be white” line used many times in the office especially in the break room near the coffee machine. Contextually, it does presuppose that Donald Trump is the epitome of whiteness. Facts — as Commander-in-Chief, Trump is an embarrassment to all Americans.

Just a thought.

Insofar as being racially white though, the personification of his royal whiteness should have whites disavowing the social construct of race altogether. Besides the whole supremacy crap, a predominate attribute of this constructed persona is the desperate need to be right in order to bolster the self esteem of the tribe, and consequently, to hold on to the sense of power that comes with it. The gaslighter-in-chief seems to have had this inspiring allure from the get go. So to be embarrassed to be white now as oppose to the historical precedent of whiteness laid beforehand with all the concurrent preserving of privileges and sustained inequality inherited seems…laughable to me.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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