No Matter What The Results Are From Midterm Elections This Fact Remains

The election of Donald Trump is an act that is unforgivably preposterous

Not only is it a gross miscalculation of political gamesmanship, it is a perversity of what we have come to establish and know as a preeminent democracy.

There is nothing impressive nor endearing about what Donald Trump exemplifies, nor in what Mr. Trump evinces as president of the United States. It is irrelevant to drudge up an unsound non-deductive argument or the non sequitur cliché: that one doesn’t have to like the president, but one must respect the presidency, for it is without basis and in this instance a slippery slope towards authoritarianism.

The premise. All presidents are great, respectable, statesmen. Not so. Consequently, does that make President Trump a great statesman? Does his behavior make him respectable? The premise alone does not even qualify him as great. Trump is president though and the derailment in that discourse is a faulty train of thought held together by a casual attribution error.

When in retrospect it is actually the opposite that has occurred — the election of Donald Trump is situational — based on heightened racial disccord and gender bias and inequality which evidently delineates a lack of respect for the Oval Office. It also serves to desecrate that office and its representation and its distinction— ergo, for the people, and by the people.

This vote absolutely represents a referendum on the president, but a very weak one. The corrosive nature of this presidency is by far seen as a distorted element of our present existence as one nation-fractured.

After completing my civic duty at the polling place today, I was clearly unenthusiastic and glum over; how much vitriol it takes; how much discontent is needed; and how much dissatisfaction is felt to motivate people to vote for or against the amoral and wayward direction taken by this administration.

The only contentment seen in this administration’s policies is in the schadenfreude enjoyed by in-groups with how despondent and fitful it makes the out-groups feel.

While I hear and read about how most white men proclaim that voting for Trump and his flunkies will keep the country going in the right direction for us, I get a sense of this desperation in them — in attempting to hold on to racial and gendered hierarchical relevancy. One that has been fraudulent from the start.

They are used to playing on an uneven playing field tilted in their favor and it is terrifying for them to consider playing it on a level playing field. It is rather terrifying for them and the women who benefit from it to consider their whiteness as a scam. It is also pathetically terrifying for those people of color to consider whiteness for what it truly is and to deny the false exceptionalism ascribed to them by whiteness, with colorblindness in tow.

To those who feel that giving it all up would be akin to sailing in a rudderless ship then you have no idea of how shallow these waters are.

I do believe that among the variety of nefarious things conjured under the vanity and sanity of whiteness is their thinking that we are all just that naive to their foolishness.

I can attest to the fact that the despondency and its ramifications are real and that whiteness has a proven track record of callousness in which they assume zero culpability in terms of the atrocities, distractions, and injustice committed. They appear oblivious to the faulty structures we have built to shore them up beneath them by their design.

Many trolls will read these views and will grin from ear to ear basking in the despair and destructive values they have contributed to as if, whiteness indemnifies their actions and can buffer them from reprisal. They fail to recognize that their delusions more so destabilizes that power structure and that such idiocy will falter and fall as it did before and as it will again. It is only a matter of time. And in due time the world will see fit to rise up in defiance of such iniquity and in resolve hold that whiteness is but a tyrannical minority and that their just deserts will be served to its end.

The point in all of this?

The point is that it doesn’t have to go down like that, but the vanity and insanity of it all ensures that it eventually will.

Patriotism is not about standing up straighter for the flag or singing louder under the biggest one you can find, it is premised on the shared ideas, beliefs, and ideals that shape the democracy. It is about a reckoning with a mortifying history and its culminating aftereffects. It is about wanting to remedy it, not bandage and hide it, but rectifying it for the sake of humanity.

This piece was inspired by Marley K.’s Who Is Running the Nation? It’s Sure Not This One!. The discussion was reformatted and republished for comentary under the volumesThis has been another edition of An American Potpourri Of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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