No my dear, please don’t feel remorseful Sherry, this was not my intent. I see where you are coming from and there is some validity to it and that is why I responded with a more definitive tone about this form of ignorance.

My approach to these arguments is a matter of substance over style rather than the ubiquitous style over substance views usually presented by the media and in social media. I am not at all interested in using melodramatic wit in my writing here in this instance, nor is it my approach, because it usually ends up being perceived as a rant. I want to be careful not to use clichés. I also want to be dispassionate. I also do not — at all — want to sound like the very same people I am talking about.

I think that is what you were drawing at. And with journalists in particular, the political media complex is very much like yellow journalism — sensationalized news in repetitive cycling preying on the emotionality of people. To them Donald Trump is the best darn thing happening for them. This is their template for drawing readership or viewership with catchy headlines and scandal mongering.

There are a few writers (apparently there is one with a PhD who is quite popular on here) who employ condescending wit in their writing and oftentimes it is rife with coarse language. I perceive this as style over substance. This does not inform nor solve much it is just egotistical.

This whole issue before us is rather disturbing and so I understand your crankiness and would not think it is towards me. Resistance is exhausting work and can make one feel irritable but it is effective, mostly in indirect ways.

Take care.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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