No One Man (With A Badge) Should Have All That Power

An Institutional Mess

Just like the enforcement of Black Codes of generations past and now evidently reconstituted, police officers are given an unchecked license and are acting in tandem across most of the United States to keep blacks, people of color, and especially the poor and disadvantaged in their place by violating their freedom from fear, and due process against the dastardly conduct of certain breeds of rash police officers.

It is unequivocally apparent that an official review and purge is necessary to root out this scourge that apparently is a contributing factor to begetting violence within our communities. What we continue to see here is an ever-growing appendage of police misconduct, despite the national media coverage of events ranging from Ferguson, MO with the killing of Michael Brown, to the McKinney, Texas pool party with the unprovoked aggressive tactics towards children, it reflects a much wider aberrant police practice of lawlessness in law enforcement.

The wide and broad discretion that these police officers wield breed opportunities for police misconduct. This should lead us all to consider and reconsider again how effective is the police complaint process. Does it layout a path to a positive feedback loop where the unprincipled conduct of police is further amplified through intimidation, false arrests, false evidence, witness tampering, racial profiling, false confession, surveillance abuse, police perjury, as well as off-duty misconduct?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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