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No Longer Relegated To Just A High Profile John, Donald Is Doing All The Major Pimpin’ Now

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In other words Donald Trump has effectively made America his bitch. Sure she can get a little intrusive, unruly, and loud at times, but he has and he will continue to check this bitch. On the world stage she still bad AF and he will definitely, without a doubt show her off, which she will gladly oblige. He knows that she can make it rain. All the more reason why he is going to enjoy putting the mack down and simply pimp her out for as long as he can.

While all of this pimpin’ goes on the not so disparate political parties virulently mock and oppose ideologies, rather than deliberate and debate new ideas on how lives can improve amidst a challenging and evolving socioeconomic time perspective. The potential for any unifying quality for political civility or bipartisanship has faded from our sensibilities. We have entered a more seedy atmosphere of governance and politics as the made john has now been made pimp.

Ever since gaining the consent to his pimpacy — with the weekly contempt for humanity, lack of decorum, dismissal of empathy, and disregard for the rule of law, all of which are embedded in the stream of Trumpist consciousness consumed by feelings of superciliousness and resentment — Trump’s pimp hand has gotten larger and stronger. There is little faith that the prevailing social ills will improve for the foreseeable future.

Former Mayor Rudy Guiliani, who now serves as Trump’s “bottom bitch”, has ratchet-ly defended his man against any attempt at his daddy being subpoenaed, indicted, or impeached.

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We all know that this Congress will never, ever, impeach Donald Trump. The pimp knows it, and so does his bottom bitch. Heck, even the national news media knows it. The highly touted and most esteemed of constitutional lawyers know this. The Supreme Court knows this.

The pimp rallies that he holds are also indicative of this, especially in counties where congressional republicans have been elected to have this pimp in charge and to remain impeachment-free.

Pimps are very entertaining as well as terrorizing with their appeal. To watch and hear the mack and hustle they exhibit can have you entranced and bemused at the same time. This ensures that you tune in for more like a typical reality show series. Bobby Azarian, who is a Ph.D, and contributes to Psychology Today as a cognitive neuroscientist and science writer in Washington D.C summed it up here with this.

The Pimp-In-Chief transforms into this Svengali-type character with his effervescent charm offensive that posits the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt. Mind you though, the investigation is not about prosecuting the president.

In an article published by Politifact, that begs the question, “Can the president pardon himself?”, Kermit Roosevelt, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, reminds us of what the Mueller investigation is about and not what Trump has self-incriminatingly made it out to be.

This pimp has already pardoned himself by getting the word out that he will — if he has to officially. Cause you know a pimp stay pimpin’ — the system that is.

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Deconstruct The Swamp And Put In A Moat Instead To Protect Trump Castle

The Svengali-in-Chief will continue to impress upon American values and most will continue to feel flattered and entertained by his rally cries of contention and his vision for whiteness that the United States either overtly or covertly yearns for.

This administration has this pet peeve called the deep state. The Trump campaign promised to deconstruct a critical feature of what is alleged to be an entrenched cadre of experienced federal employees and replace them with yes-men and doting women. By his own admission and behaviors Trump is clearing the swamp and has determinately constructed a moat around his castle. The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos reported this profound finding.

Peter Navarro, Ph.D, who is the head of the White house National Trade Council has ascended to new heights within the pimpocracy. This Harvard economics professor played the bottom bitch role in justifying the idiotic exit from the Trans Pacific Partnership, the trade tariffs that will most definitely ensue into trade wars, and the renegotiation of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

Such contemptuous governance — shrouded in ill-repute favors that sustain groupthink racial ideologies and self enrichment over equality, drives our current state of anxiety. This sort of institutional callousness has increasingly betrayed basic moral principles along with Trump’s flouting of the independent checks and balances which are essential to a democracy.

I’m sure I am not alone in my assessment that a majority of whites do not exhibit the courage, the cognizance, nor even the sense of decency to oust President Trump — Pimp Extraordinaire. More importantly, their unsubstantiated fears are being allayed and there is no better solace to be had in that for them as a collective and as a dominant group.

What they see as gratifying to their senses is what minorities like myself see as terrorizing to the psyche and the body. Trump’s pimp hand is seen as a form of terror management. Once again Dr. Azarian enlightens us with an explanation of this particular theory on the unwavering support behind Donald Trump.

Trump does what most pimps do — induces fear or perpetuates fear-mongering to not just his hoes but to the community at large. When we look the other way or just play along with it we are essentially telling Trump to “pimp on, pimp!”

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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