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If ever there was a line drawn, what now remains is nothing but cross outs, rubbings, smudging and holes left by the church and state in its debased support for Trump, who represents neither in its totality and validity as appointed.

I know that you know that this piece in no way bashes religion nor government, it does however, calls out what gets passed as both though when it comes to this prosperity theology and all things Trump. This redux of christianity is something Kanye West has now come to embrace with his own take and branding of the prosperity gospel.

Notice how this works well with capitalism. Being saved and or blessed has more to do with the accumulation of wealth, good fortune, and popularity than does good will, good tidings or just doing good for one another. You are never blessed for merely being alive. If this is all that an individual or even a family can claim in life then they would be seen more as a burden — like a tax burden, or a blight on the community, or not doing enough bootstrapping for God’s sake!

The irony here is that if there weren’t more than enough poor or unblessed people around for them to exploit — as capitalists do so well, then they wouldn’t appear to be so blessed.

Instead of a little luck and whole lot of fortitude, what is required is some faith and then a whole lot more faith that comes with sanctioned selfishness and greed — in Jesus name of course. The source of which includes thoughts, prayers and the receiving of the message that will ultimately change your material circumstance for the better. Hard work and Christian faith and with that comes a sense of attaining a certain social status which puts you on the path to success.

So….Crazy isn’t it!?!?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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