Oh I completely agree with you Sherry, and they are plenty of teachers who have been born into and or conditioned by motivated ignorance that — to use Sam McKenzie’s well crafted literary device — has us infuriated by their “reckless eyeballing” of facts in a educational setting. Unfortunately, and ironically these insensitive beliefs — beliefs that don’t change in spite of empirical evidence and the idiocy of not wanting to know incredulously, are endemic to our education system. As you have shared this is not an isolated incident regardless of degree and scope of bias in the field.

How this woman in particular has chosen to take out her resentment of nonwhite people is due to this lack of a factual connection to the real world where facts can easily be tracked. Instead of instilling children with beliefs that are sensitive —to the absence of truth and evidence, she attempts to disconnect them from the world through insensitive beliefs. This is why her twitter feeds were filled with inappropriate responses and nonsensical musings about explicit facts. Those simple minded thoughts are curated in silos of isolation away from the broader community.

A major component of the evils of racism is this need to disconnect and present themselves as a particularly supreme strain of humanity which is actually inconceivable with a sound mind and impossible to applicably achieve. What we are actually left with here is a strain of demonstrable evil.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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