Oh no worries at all . Not surprisingly, some of Kanye’s biggest fans are so devout that they too believe that #slaveryisachoice some how, and in some way. They believe that the period to which they are coming up in is an enlightenment redux: which can only be described as an age of deluded individualism, basically.

This counterfactual rationalizing and its reach is alarming. I find similarities with the so called period of enlightenment found in the ahistorical books we were required to study from that they themselves haven’t read or have failed to comprehend.

Just as it were before and in many ways today the condition and legitimacy of whiteness is dependent on the indentured servitude and bootstrapping appeasement by people of color, especially Blacks. When any Black person becomes wealthy here they are not only perceived as a credit to their race, but as a charitable acknowledgement of what whites have provided and established.

So it’s seen as sacrosanct in this odd way that Kanye chooses to pay tribute to Trump, or else just be a “hater” to believe otherwise. And since Kanye is literally and figuratively bedfellows with the anti-black establishment he is afforded such wide ranging media coverage. Someone who flips the script and spews anti-white sentiment would receive a different fate.

Furthermore, I am sure he sees his children as transracially white.

The ethnic tensions Kanye individuates and spews as a self-proclaimed genius or arbiter of the creative is reverberated by the media on to us. When it reaches the masses the tension intensifies and encourages racial stratification.

Kanye’s claim of being the exception is, in his mind, accounted for because he wouldn’t have chosen to be a slave back then and accuses others who disagree with him of choosing to become slaves now. This sort of ignorance inspires intellectual narrowness and rigidity which is insensitive to facts and the historical record, all in his pursuit of social approval and distinction. Its a form of exploitation — reality tv style.

These co-signors are simply assisting West with manufacturing consent, including the president.

I apologize for this long drawn out response, but this dude just gets my gears going. SMH

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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