😮 Oh! So That’s What You Want Them To Do, Revolt 🤨

You Are So Much Like The Resentful And Idiotic Aspects Of Your Support Mr. President

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that certain portions of your support will increasingly falter. And that this faltering support that you seek to agitate or induce into risking it all with this call to revolt or rise up will certainly be one in a laundry list of contributing factors leading to your imminent demise as president of the United States.

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The president’s emotionally wrought belief that he is so adulated, so endowed with divine favor and protection, and so venerated as to make the assertion in the godlike manner that he has come to personify from winning the electoral college vote to become commander-in-chief would be tantamount to schizophrenia.

The way how this president feels, behaves, and thinks is chronically alarming to see and his conception of reality and how we are to correlate with him — in what he envisions for the country is not tangible.

This confident exuberance of how he feels, behaves, and thinks about himself and in return how others should view him is beyond being merely mistaken by him or begrudging for us. Tump has convinced himself and those whose insensitive beliefs continue to betray them that he is beloved — and here is the kicker — by those who matter.

To a Trump supporter who may or may not come across this piece they will see Trump’s performance and assuredly feel confident in knowing that people like me — in terms of so-called race, class, or creed don’t matter in the more broader scheme and or crucial scope of being a citizen backed by the Bill of Rights of the United States.

What they have in office is a man who they feel has reserved an existential place in society that is exclusive to them. They see him honoring that reservation in the way he addresses any opposition or challenge to it.

This border wall is seen by him and his flock as his signature policy. Forget about healthcare, or any climate change initiative. Forget about trade war implications, and the strange alliances with authoritarian adversaries. Forget about the sexism and the racism. It doesn’t matter. Forget about what this woman, the Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi the likely incoming Speaker of the House of Representatives come January, has to say about any encouraging possibility of bipartisanship that could be negotiated to avert a government shutdown.

Here is Trump — feeling, thinking, and behaving in his godlike persona with a consented superiority complex in tow in the Oval Office meeting yesterday.

You see, the President, is a mirror image of his narcissistic supply and the malignancy shone is not covered up but instead worn like a badge of honor in how motivated their ignorance actually is.

They actually thought Trump was going to make them rich. They think Trump is gonna actually revive and reestablish the privilege and entitlement that inequity granted the status quo in establishing a destabilizing, segregating and discriminating society.

They actually think he is the reason why the unemployment numbers are at record lows even though that trend started and became a fixture under the Obama presidency.

They thought Trump is going to bring sexism back into favor and chauvinistically put women back in their place.

They thought Trump’s self-proclaimed tough negotiation skills was going to stop China by starting a trade war with them.

They thought Trump’s foreign policy was plausibly going to align American interests with the diametrically opposed interests of Russia (so that you could have the ultimate white power on earth I guess).

They thought Trump was going to build a wall paid for by who?👂🏾🇲🇽…They believed him when he said this would be a Great Wall as if it would rival China’s Great Wall which many say can be visibly seen from space.

The Great Wall of China is not visible without telescopic aid from space, nor is it at all visible from the moon says the people at NASA.

To think after two years in office, the republicans are gearing up for his reelection in 2020 after a dismal performance so far means stupidity is just so rampant. Why?

They think Trump is a god!

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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