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There are far too many racists in this country, whether silent, or amongst themselves or even otherwise, and they have over time become an inessential aspect of American identity and spirit. Yet, they continue to destroy the moral fabric of the country leaving American values in tatters, all due to a psychologically corrupt stream of consciousness abetting a grotesque phenomena of racial stratification that has plagued its institutions.

These racists are decisively holding back the potential of making this country progressively greater. The scourge of this persistent epidemic is rooted in its founding and cloaked under a flag of patriotism that breeds an unconscionable ignorance and an ensuing affectation on minorities, more profoundly, on the vast majority of the African diaspora of people whose lives doesn’t seem to matter as much — as fellow citizens.

Racism has become so ingrained and so pervasive within our society that it is discussed and viewed more so as an afterthought rather than a prevailing condition that should be dismantled, unlearned, and dismissed as a norm. But far too many have been privileged or have profited from its incentive structures proffered by the many institutions that co-opts its use for political gains and socioeconomic successes.

Racism is more often seen as some superficiality of immoral reasoning, but it carries much deeper undertones that contribute to the semblances of fear, lack of empathy, stereotypes and isolation.

Racism today is quite different than it was before. It has more subtle qualities that emerge as political incorrectness, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, stand your ground and anti-immigration rhetorics. Our healthcare, our housing, our judicial system and profoundly our education, to name just a few, has been vitiated by racism.

And We hold these truths to be self-evident.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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