I am reminded of it relentlessly as soon as I log on to any social media and network site. You have made it quite clear, you are leaving nothing to the imagination, and that in this present day of the new media age it is in fact idiomatic to your self-worth and self being. While others may see you as the bane of their existence, you take great pride in knowing that your photogenic insistence is quite the meme for which there can be no resistance.

There is no doubt that there is a growing market for your exhibitionism. The internet has become a global supermarket for every brand of fetishization of the desirable self. We can now bottle or digitize rather, that imagination of oneself — you know, that mysterious self bearing those features that are normally covered in public — and sell it to the masses. What is received in return is a masturbating treasure of observers who are either sexually aroused or asexually perturbed by your freedom of expression or exposure.

In the world of psychiatry, exhibitionism is considered one of many sexual disorders under the category of paraphilia. As Psychology Today defines it it is considered as…

“abnormal or unnatural attraction” or obsession with unusual sexual practices or with sexual activity involving nonconsenting or inappropriate partners.

…however this “abnormality seems to be the norm, aided and abetted by the new media age it has rapidly evolved us from what many. more locally in society considers inappropriate or immoral behavior because it victimizes others like senior citizens, the prudish, and most importantly children.

But sprinkle in some capitalism (Kim Kardashian) and some context (Lena Dunham) and you have this frequency that violates the social norm. False justification mixed in with comprehensible justifications have allayed certain fears of threatening and uncomfortableness of the online exhibitionist. Females tend to be on the more comprehensible side of the justification due to a historical precedent of second class citizenry while males are on the false justification side of just plain creepy. They seem more likely to serve jail time for it as well.

We may all think we are the same person we were 5,10, or more years ago but we are only fooling ourselves. You are not keeping it real. I may look in the mirror and appear to be that same dude but many aspects of my persona has changed. And since there is no such thing as a discrete individual, alien to us all, that dropped from the heavens above, we are influenced in no small part by the offline and online actions of other humans.

However we cannot ignore the repercussions of pushing those social norm boundaries as it does violate norms that should be just as valued as the abnormal norms exhibitionists value. So we are in constant flux with challenging these notions. A consequence of the human condition. The cure for this condition is to constantly fine-tune your coping mechanism. For instance I bear a citable impression of casual insouciance towards celebrity and non-celebrity exhibitionism. I am neither that impressed upon nor that hostile over their evolving brand of self.

People do become hot and bothered by the status quo or the oppressive norms of the day. It can stifle the self knowledge concept, one of the most undeniable purposes of life itself. It can also be lucrative or it can bankrupt you. It can be a boom that leads to a bust later on. That probably why people find ways to appear hotter and hotter, transfer that heat so that others get just as hot and bothered by them. It gets me hot to think that I can only be stereotypically accepted as a black man yet so abnormal in terms of pursuing the same fulfillment in life with the majority. So I can understand why you are just too hot for clothing…right now.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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