On Obamacare: What Are You Doing? And Why Are You Doing That?


No one has been more explicit with this micro-insult than President Trump during his campaign. And while in office, the president has turned it into a macro-assault that would have far reaching effects on the healthcare of many Americans. The toll that this micro-insult has already had on the rationale or mental health of the populace thus far has largely been an explicit racial derogation of President Obama’s legacy for instituting the Affordable Care Act — a campaign promise that he actually followed through on legislatively.

First off there is nothing definitively plausible nor reasonable about Trump’s rationale to repeal and replace Obamacare — but for following through on a vitriolic campaign against his predecessor. Trump’s despise for Obama in the form of micro-insults, micro-invalidations, and micro-assaults are memorialized on record and serves as fodder for what is considerably a racialized macro-aggression.

There is no “China ‘climate’ deal”

Inherited Racial Microaggressions or Nah?

What has grown from it is something man-made (whiteness) which is unnatural and quite noxious that gets played out in a delusional zero-sum fashion under distorted perceptions.

Whenever things start to get better for people of color, whether it’s in the wake of Reconstruction and enslavement, whether it’s the civil rights era, there are these voices who assume that if it’s getting better for them it must be getting worse for us._Tim Wise, author of Color Blind, during conversation on ‘Racism as a Zero Sum Game

The micro-insults culminates into a vicious macro-assault or resentment, that is expressively hateful and explicitly derogatory, yet shielded by white racial framing and the constitutional freedom to express that racialized hate. The accompanying stupidity of these notions idiomatically offers only to “cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face”.

President Barack Obama’s race is seen as an affront to the status quo and more distinctively a harbinger to reverse racism afoot. Mr. Wise’s pretext to his summation of this unresolved problem in spite of America’s first elected president, is presented as socially inherited by whites when he explained…

Well, on the one hand it’s not new. I mean the fact is claims of reverse discrimination actually go all the way back to the post-Civil War era when the Supreme Court threw out the really very minor Reconstruction Act laws that were attempting to provide a modicum of opportunity for formerly enslaved persons. Justice Joseph Bradley wrote for the court in 1883, you know, that it was time for the Negro to stop being the special favorite of the law and take his place as a mere citizen, of course, overlooking that white folks had never been mere citizens, they had been the only citizens according to federal law. So white folks have a long history frankly, we do, of exaggerating the problem. — Tim Wise

A micro-insult is one of three categories of racial micro-aggression, the other two being micro-assaults, and micro-invalidations. What is being served up in the case of Obamacare’s repeal and replace is unquestionably a conscious one or even a subconscious one though. It disseminates politically in positing any inkling or declaration of racial animosity as “below the level of awareness of well-intentioned people”.

Those people represented by the republican led house, and most of the republican led senate, and which is highly proferred by the commander-in-chief are persistent. The term “well-intentioned” in this context is a Trumpian wildcard — indiscernible as outright racism and qualitatively obscured in distorting Obamacare as failing — for a better healthcare plan.

Washington Post excerpt from article above

The racial microaggression displayed here and the combinations thereof categorically are “well-intentioned” subterfuges of the ACA law resulting in a macro-assault on not just the previous administration’s efforts and successes. The countless Americans that would be affected by it, regardless if it serves whether black or white, rich or poor, and in between respectively, are merely sacrificial lambs in terms of the overarching argument and notion for white patriarchy or supremacy. Also shrouded in these well intentions is the onslaught of increasingly macro-sized preemptive strikes on diversity initiatives and stances, a bombardment meant to maintain marginalization and sustain a corrosive privilege.

What really is at jeopardy here is not a subjugation into payback for institutional inequality reaching back to over centuries ago. What is at jeopardy is losing this profoundly corruptible privilege that encourages disadvantage and inequality for predominately a majority of Americans. Most of whom have caused this upon themselves with such zero-sum thinking.

With Masterful Damning in Faint Praises

Some may want to offer a riposte to this essay by damning with faint praise. For example this may be “word salad” for some. But attempts to try and disarm me by reprimand with your recipe of micro-aggression seasonings — a little bit of some micro-insulting here, some micro-invalidating there and a heaping of micro-assault to formulate this distasteful stew of widespread macro-aggression is futile and silly — and I never asked for it. And this stuff being cooked up is actually indigestible on many levels.

I never said stupidity is like obscenity, this is where comprehension is lacking and proven to my point, stupidity is beyond obscenity, it is interchangeably, both tacit and explicit, and I never clap for my own posts because it is not necessary for me to do so
wikipedia commons

Plainly and observantly, preexisting health conditions are impacting the applicable benefits of a liberal — contextually ample — coverage of healthcare, limiting it to only the privileged populace over others in zero sum fashion, just in the same way that the preexisting condition of race has illiberally stratified democratic principles and foment inequality leading to bad health and socioeconomic outcomes, respectively.

Apparently not accounting for stupidity has made microaggressions into macro ones.



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