Once again the allegorical end is near. I overstand it well.

The witnesses arrive — again.

Another False Prophet is revealed and debated.

Always on time and again The Whore of Babylon visits or seeks to take set upon the White House — which seemingly happens frequently in our era.

Then the arch-angel (Saint Michael) will seek and deliver only these redemptive evangelicals up into heaven while the great war on earth rages on between the Seven.

And Death is upon us.

Meh. 😑

I’m guessing here that finding ways to put a sinful soul at ease with comeuppance can be an exhausting exercise for them — and for us it surely is to watch.

Now about me.

My agnosticism here is aimed at religiosity. Not at all is it targeted at the virtues and persistence of humanity that perform religion as a social, moral or cultural role of interdependence. My knitted brows become prominently visible when humans attempt to detach themselves from their own humanity.

My belief in God is a belief in the inestimable, and incomprehensible.

An alpha and omega so indescribable that no stage of human evolution and development can explicate a meaning. For you would literally have to come back from the dead to prove this, and even then the information received may prove unreliable due to physiological limitations— and rather circumstantially.

Proof of the existence of God is both tangible and intangible. God is neither singular nor plural in form.

God exists just as science exists, and science exists because of God.

God is indefinable by mere human standards of inculcation — no matter how old the carbon dating says it is.

God is beyond doubt and beyond belief concomitantly in this (shared) human state.

Please note the God described is way more powerful than the God we have been conditioned to believe in.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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