Paul Ryan’s ‘Despicable Me’ Performance on Healthcare Reform Bill

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, along with his minions — no longer the opposition but now in the position to govern seemed unstoppable in his quest to shred the Affordable Care Act (ACA) otherwise besmirched as Obamacare. The reason is rooted in the ongoing republican trope that government is too big, with it rules, mandates, taxes and fines, and therefore needs reforming or shrinking — as Felonious Gru had envisioned in his attempt at confiscating something as universal as the Moon — by authoritarian means no doubt.

Still irked and aggrieved over the accomplishment of President Barack Obama and the Democrats’ passage of a monumental healthcare law seven years ago, Ryan, emboldened by the 64+ days old President who helped conjure up enough schadenfreude for the Speaker to devise something even more nefarious to the health and welfare of Americans.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s diabolical healthcare reform bill would reduce the federal deficits by $150 billion over the next ten years according to the estimates provided by the Congressional Budget Office at the request of Democratic Leader and Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with a trade-off that disproportionately cuts taxes for the rich over that same period by at least $1 trillion. Nice. But that’s not all. It will also cut Medicaid spending and cut insurance subsidies instituted by ACA that currently reduces the estimated savings in the same period with our current healthcare law by $41 billion. The icing on this half-baked cake, however would see an estimated 24 million people losing their insurance as a result.

However, those plans were foiled and Ryan would never receive such satisfaction as leading factions of the Republican party didn’t want to put that much political risk into injuring their constituents in the process, much to the chagrin of Paul Ryan and his conservative pursuits.

During in his press conference late Friday he expressed disappointment and the displeasure of seeing his evil plan come undone stating, “We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future”, conceding that Obama and the Democrats got away with it this time, again. Ryan would not be able to capture Obamacare as he fell short less despicably, than his rival in the character portrayal in Felonious Gru whom was able to capture the moon only to have to return it in similar fate. As despicable as this is however Ryan reassured us of a sequel to his despic-ability, promising next time it will be better we will just have to wait and see, for now he has resigned on destroying Obamacare and is moving on and the target next time, Tax Reform.

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