Permit and Licensed For Terror

Despite news reports and headlines suggesting that the shooting deaths of up to 50 so far, including the injury of 53 others in Orlando, Fl. being the worst in U.S. history, it is certainly not in the least, the worst, but merely amongst a growing list of the worst. Every senseless shooting instance resulting in death or in injury is the worst for and on the record. Broadly speaking, the worst has already happened countless times before and will continue to happen unabated by the irrational sentiments of gun rights and insufficent governance and regulation on gun control leading to horrendous instances of terrorism on any magnitude. The current state laws on firearms only obfuscate matters further and lead to gaps and failures for the federal agencies to pinpoint, prevent and secure us from certain terrorist attacks.

The atrocities attributed to this right to bear arms is an odious one, it is reckless, and is oftentimes used by the ignoramus amongst us as a false justification to issue grievances, and or target groups they choose to hate amongst us. A vigilante response to bear arms in self-defense would contemplate a vicious cycle in degree and intensity of further gun violence that would include innocent bystander deaths with very little resolve to these issues that continue to plague American society. It is not an effective or lawful deterrent.

Far too often we are given into understanding these violent episodes as a consequence of religious, cultural or ethnic factors bubbling up from the melting pot. The obscene frequency of gun violence in America is becoming a specious normalization of terror. Serious consideration and focus should be placed on repressing the anxieties that conjure bias and prejudice related phobias with empathy and positive community building experiences. Law enforcement would prove to be less arduous if we simply begin discontinuing and revoking gun permits and licences by constitutional decree and amendment.

The lawful and inadvertent right to infringe on the personal rights and freedoms of others does not void the consequentialism that portends death and injury to people. A consequence that is seemingly aiding and abetting the privilege and profiteering of the gun industry, whose powerful lobbying efforts by the N.R.A. undermine much of the constitution. Their untenable efforts and arguments only seek to absolve manufacturers and dealers of the irreparable harm that contribute to an inefficacy of the practical ethics and morals of our society.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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