Poor whites are still poor whites though

By chanting Trump , Trump Trump, it keeps poor whites angry, resentful, and spiteful, but however prideful though — in both physical and psychological segregation from their fellow Americans like blacks and other people of color, which is more than just social construction, it has been socioeconomically profitable for the elite who have been successful at exploiting those manufactured divisions.

What has manifested from this is what William Brewer expressed so eloquently in a journal published by the University of Chicago Press in 1930, stating that “Slavery imposed upon this class nearly three hundred years of ignorance, inertia, and peculiar prejudice which crystalized into a wall of conservatism. Generations of education will be needed to break down this defense of provincialism.”¹

The Trump, Trump, Trump chants express a provincialism in deluded imperious groupthink logic where they rely solely on the appearance or semblance of primacy as a collective nation/race — even though their opportunities for gainful employment, healthcare, education, social security, labor protections, pay disparity, consumer protections, worker’s comp, shelters, and other social safety nets have diminished in quality and in efficacy by the lobbying, the politics, and influence of the wealthy elite of whom are driven by the ravages of unfettered capitalism.

Poor whites still misunderstand that the progeny of slavery and by extension cheap immigrant labor is responsible for their impoverished socioeconomic status.

That it only takes racializations — as pseudo profound as they are — to stir divisions and ignore the larger more substantial issues that threaten social mobility, the essence of the American dream, is only mind-boggling and not at all in my opinion an oversimplified consequence of just slavery but a psychosis of irrational pride in being complimented as still white or assured of this faux aristocracy relative to non-whites by those very same oppressors of their own race. This makes the likes of Trump and his flunkies in all their incompetence, mendacity, and self-interests so compelling as to forget that poor whites are still poor whites.

¹ Brewer, W. (1930). Poor Whites and Negroes in the South Since the Civil War. The Journal of Negro History, 15(1), 26–37. doi:10.2307/2713897

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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