Preach Mike!

Most will argue that there is a trust factor with pets that you don’t necessarily get with humans, and in this instance it is used as a crass use of a defense mechanism with erroneous attributions. It is even more repugnant to have such an awkward disposition when drawing contrasts to marginalized humans in society.

Then there is the control factor. Domesticated animals are easily controlled, submissive and manipulated by their owners and if they are well fed abandonment is remote. Especially when the creature presents itself as docile. Not so easy to translate such dominance over to your fellow species.

Some how this seems to feed into an aspect of narcissistic personality disorder — a tendency to embrace that need for supremacy. For them there is an incompetence or too much difficulty obtaining that sort of narcissistic supply anywhere else.

This is just another well written example of insanity that is on a very long list of appalling crimes against humanity.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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