President Trump’s Pathetic Insoluble In-Group(s) Pt. 1

Haven’t We Been Embarrassed Enough?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, former FBI Director James Comey is set to testify today in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee today. I would set those expectations built up by the national media to very low. Nothing substantial has come about from these public Senate hearings and it simply contributes to the circus atmosphere in Washington.

For example, during yesterday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with deposing deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Director of national intelligence Dan Coates, Admiral Michael S. Rogers head of the National Security Agency, and Andrew McCabe the acting Director of the FBI yielded nothing, but deflection. These influential in-group members will not sacrifice: that status for the good of the country, nor for their patriarchal status, and certainly not for their gender or racial identity. Not in this country.

When CNN and other media reported that Senator Kamala Harris (CA) was “silenced” or “quieted” this seemingly contributes to the imbecilic patriarchy taking place. Senator Harris an esteemed prosecutor and former state Attorney General was not silenced. There was simply a refusal to answer and a deflection. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Burr simply interrupted her at the perceived horror of a racially black female questioning the authority of white patriarchy in general. Moreover it was an attempt to save face for this particular in-group. Senator John McCain shamelessly called on Burr to intervene during the line of questioning in which deputy AG Rosenstein seemed mocking in tone and taking lightly with his answers.

Kamala Harris twitter feed

This deeply disillusioned and resentful bunch are a pain to watch. It signifies how stalled or devolved certain aspects of our humanity has become and more pointedly how pervasive this stream of consciousness is in our politics.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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