I fully agree with your insight and perspective on this issue. I do agree that there could be some appreciation for celebrities that employ some social responsibility. When it is done right from a bottom up approach like responding to and collaborating with the majority of less affluent people on these issues. In this way you eliminate the superficiality inherent in the celebrity brand agenda versus the just humanitarian cause motive.

I am not feeling the top down approach.

These celebrities in particular — especially the ones you have named have proposed solutions that do not result in tangible policies and are not substantive in the least. We seem to only be interested in how they feel about issues and they don’t seem all too interested in us about the same, or they are simply just too removed, which is why they seem to be oblivious about how we feel about these matters. It’s as if by default we have entrusted them to act on our behalf without so much as to seek our input.

We also underestimate how easy it is for them to show up because collectively they use our “likes” as the incentive. Me and you could show up and three people including you and I will be there to support the cause. (Exaggeration for affect because I am sure you can get more people than I could) This is why I emphasized not geting wrapped up or carried away to the point of idol worship of net worth and or celebrity when it comes to principles and values in an interdependent world.

The #metoo movement is way bigger than their superficial endorsement, real lives have been affected within many institutions that require a government by the people and for the people response and action.

Thanks for sharing and giving me the opportunity to clarify further and expound on your insight. 😉

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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