Racism Is One Helluva Drug

If you have the presence of mind, the will, and determined devotion to consider your own humanity you might be able to rehab from it

It has become abundantly clear to me that the hallucinogenic affects and effects of whiteness and its supremacist ideology is such a perverse intoxicant that sobriety — from the sensory high of corruptive privileges and the immense rush from symbolic violence — seem unattainable.

I mean, Stephen Bannon must be on that emotive high when…

NYTimes: a good philosophical piece

We all know the president stay trippin’ on that stuff too. The Trump flunkies/junkies need only his presence to get that contact high.

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Gotta stay focused, gotta stay focused.
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That high has historic significance of slavery and jim crow era malfeasance.

That high has extenuating social impact consequently to this very day.

Such as these two murderous bitches posing as ‘moms’, the adoptive parents of children of color found guilty of abuse and is alleged to have starved those innocent children, ultimately driving them off a California cliff to their death.

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Some of the racial animus towards people of color can be subtle and disingenious enough that their remarkable suppression of those feelings allow them to remain covert or reclusive. They are presumed to be high functioning when they carry or have achieved the appearance of virtue, but its all vice.

Some high-functioning individuals impress us with academic and esteemed credentials and are able to maintain an air of faux decency. Paul Ryan is an exemplar of suppressing his habit, like how a nicotine abuser masks their addiction by chewing gum and or excessive use of cologne. The preferred taste and smell of pseudo-profound bullshitters. After meeting with the president and the republican leadership, Ryan sat for an interview with Gayle King which aired on CBS Good Morning. As always he was lowkey with his race abuse.

KING: ’Cause, you know, when I look at that picture, Mr. Speaker, I have to say I don’t see anybody that looks like me in terms of color or gender. And you were one of the main people that said you want to do more for the Republican Party, to expand. You wanted to expand the base. Some say this president really doesn’t want to expand the base. So when I look at that picture, I have to say I don’t feel very celebratory. I feel very excluded.

RYAN: Well, I — I — I don’t like the fact that you feel that way. And we need more minorities, more women in our party. And I’ve been focusing on that kind of recruitment. The person who I’m a mentor to, literally, technically I became her mentor, is Mia Love. She’s somebody I recruited in a primary to come to Congress. There are a lot of candidates like Mia that we’re recruiting all around the country because I do believe that.

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Paul Ryan this is a point deduction not a point granted.

Mia Love is on that stuff too, so you can continue to be on that LSD-like trip because she black. So is Omarosa Manigault Newman, and Ben Carson. They are highly susceptible to these kinds of race abuse and addiction, especially when it makes them feel good, too.

But then I came across a response on Quora, that had me conflicted. Actually, it still has me conflicted. This shouldn’t be all that surprising. But for me it resonated — meaningfully in ways that my immediate thought after reading it was that racism is one helluva drug.

Quora is a Q&A social media site where I am not a participant, just a casual observer. This forum usually presents some thought-provoking overtures from a quirky community of answerers to questions you may or may not have thought to ask. Even President Obama has engaged in ruminating on this social media wavelength.

Some of this stuff is profound and enlightening, while others were just annoying haughtiness. But this was different.

When I came across this particular answer to the question, What short letter would you write to Obama?

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She probably thought Blacks (voters that lacked the understanding of the limits of the president’s powers) were about to get 40 acres and a mule

Even though the writer has not explicitly made it clear that she may hold a racial bias, it surely can be gleaned, it is implicit enough. Her admissions of being wrong is somewhat assuring that rehabilitation is possible.

This notion about presidential powers must be incredibly real with Trump and the bottomless benefit of the doubt on display right now, but I digress.

I was taken aback by this open letter.

In this white/evangelical/politically incorrect/resentful raging stream of consciousness and political divisiveness I did not think treatment would be at all possible for racism. But this instance of introspection, albeit enduring and very late, is hopeful.

Replace substance with ideological and I can assess that..

Substance use is a treatable condition and complete remission is entirely possible. Recovery, however, is often a long-term process that may involve multiple efforts. Relapse is now regarded as part of the process, and effective treatment regimens address prevention and management of recurrent use.

Since success tends not to occur all at once, any improvements are considered important signs of progress. Increasingly, programs are available to help those who recognize they have a substance-use problem but are not ready for complete abstinence.

Because addiction affects so many facets of an individual’s functioning — from ability to tolerate frustration to establishing and maintaining a productive role in society — good treatment focuses on many dimensions of life, including family roles and work skills as well as mental health.

The addictions to racial abuse parallels with that of substance abuse. Wherein you are likely to not want to admit that you have a problem or that there even is a problem exhibited with your attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors expressed as you live in the moment of its(ideological) illusory high. The very fact that such negativity does make you feel good inside at the detriment and expense of others, and ultimately to yourself — due to the interdependence of being human, makes it all the more convincing that this harmful risk-laden dependency on racism — admittedly or not — will eventually warrant regret and despair to come in one way or the other when you come down from that high.

Clay Rivers, I hope that your workshops on racial reconciliation achieves its goals. I liken it to rehab and it has contributed in small part to inspiring this piece.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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