Rap is a context sport and the art form demands a certain degree of appreciation when there is analytical depth being dramatically delivered. So for the inattentive among us that dynamic escapes them as they find prolific wordplay difficult to grasp and time-consuming to follow, especially when it is derivative of black consciousness. This lack of appreciation becomes the reliable impetus for the pop art forms of rap (or really hip hop) to flourish and unfortunately it tends to degrade the true artform and its processes.

Kendrick Lamar is both the exception and a nuanced relic of authentic rapping today, and there may not be enough space to account for left in many of the music-consuming minds to allow for much more comparison let alone appreciation.

Both our technologically laden and technologically driven lives seem to contribute to the spoiled impatience towards context-driven creativity. And unbeknowst to a majority of our younger generations this is where the essence of rap seems lost. For instance the wordy appearance of my comment here may never be fully read, just because.

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