Reach Out Across The Aisle For What?!

Do not for a second forget or mistake who we are dealing with

There is more to being the bigger person here and this would not be doing the right thing.

No one is immune from the consequences for their actions.

Rewarding manipulative behavior, Who does that?

Meanwhile the people across that political aisle, and the people who they put them in power did nothing but watch the pandemic destroy and take lives. They did nothing but pander to vice and destroyed what little virtue left when they nominated Trump as their president, not our president — theirs. They stole from their poor and unaware constituents and gave to their rich ones who claim that they are the ones who create jobs for Americans. They rewarded them in the way of large tax breaks and other corruptive dealings that will reveal themselves in the coming months. They delayed much need stimulus for the pandemic and are threatening to lessen it during what could very well be the worst to come from covid-19 infections. What they got in return was a platform for them — and the world to see — to air out their racial grievances and disparage their fellow Americans who they offend and couldn’t possibly find reasons to agree with them on.

Trump supporters don’t want to heal the nation. They just want to fight.

And this is the sort of petulance that should be rewarded with a reach across the aisle?!?!? A pat on the head or maybe even a lolly? A soothing its okay, we forgive you or we understand.

Nah. At the very least there should be a proper scolding and a proper reprimand for attempting to undermine democracy, and for failure to act with decency and for ignoring the truth.

That’s the problem with caring about what white/conservative/evangelical/supremacist/bigoted/republicans think and feel about everything affecting them. We should only be caring about what good decent and equitable Americans think and feel about us as one nation.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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