Reasoning With Racists On The Internet And In Person

…is an incorrigible exercise under this presidency and in this time perspective. Once again it is reaffirmed from the top on down, as well as from the past looking forward.

Good stuff here Sam and I waited purposefully in anticipation of reading the feedback you would receive on this.

This apparent reach by apologists for racism seems to reassure or flatter the absurdity of existential whiteness and has endured only because of the ill-advised incentives embedded in the configurations of assailable social constructs.

The fact that we (rational humans) would have to succumb to even disputing this in defense of humanity, or in resistance of white supremacy and the pseudo science of race it thrives on is just plain disconcerting.

The scam to instill racist groupthink pride within hereditary whiteness is pathetic and appalling. Most have nothing more opportunistic within their intersectional identities to grasp onto, (and they hold onto this for dear life) and therefore I consider them an incorrigible bunch whose representations predominately control and hold an inequitable and undeserved portion of the world’s wealth and socioeconomic resources — scoring social privileges for their ordinary and impoverished.

It is quite plausible that any attempt to decouple the intertwining of racism from capitalism would upend the world order in a way that seems unimaginably humanizing. The 1994 best seller ranked book The Bell Curve which is cited as having sufficient profundity in it is considerably and oddly seen to be of academic value and quality.🤔🤷🏾‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤨. Therefore, there is this sense that real equality amongst humans as a singular race is something unimaginable to whole lot of people.

Although there may be some virtuous need to dismantle the id-eology and deprive them of the narcissistic supply that they crave, there seems to be quite a bit of disincentive in the harm it subsequently induces in the process. For myself in these instances I see not only the offense in it, but the time and energy wasted on what appears to be an aspect of a negative reinforcing cycle. While I celebrated in your “gotcha” moment with this fool you described on Twitter, there is this sense that it is fleeting in essence and practicality as we are simply outnumbered and surrounded by such idiocy.

Nevertheless, please do keep up the good work, it is necessary as it is inherently and intuitively ineluctable to highlight the problems and call out the weaknesses and ironies of their alleged superior arguments. Meanwhile the sociopolitical and socioeconomic power we hold sits idle or deferred and unrealized as we become mired in their jejune opinions of social existence.

It is quite harmful to my psyche to have to forgo thinking of solutions when most refuse to acknowledge that there is even a problem.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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