Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson: Sworn To A Hypocritical Oath

First off, Dr. Carson you might not want to acknowledge this but you are doing great harm. Not only are your affectations harmful towards scores of people ranging from different walks of life, which includes people of color, the poor, the disadvantaged, and including those whose experiences that are of the variety from the prescriptive to the descriptive sense of unlucky, you sir are doing quite a bit of harm to yourself.

Most of Dr. Carson’s statements and arguments seem highly hostile to President Obama in ways that seem destructive to the frank openness that we find ourselves today on the topic of race and racism. Evidence of the injustice. Instead of perceiving what is usually covered up and kept obscure from our purview we are now having to deal with a more transparent scourge that has only festered over the years. Dr. Carson’s views are quite distorted as reported in the Huffington Post.

“I actually believe that things were better before this president was elected. And I think that things have gotten worse because of his unusual emphasis on race,” _ Hugh Hewitt radio show, in a discussion on the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Why this sort of pride diminishes in most who have gained much in the way of socioeconomic capital is a phenomena that continues to confound me. This belief that things were better is a farce, it was simply not spoken about, and not confronted at this magnitude. These things were made to seem as if America was post-racial when in fact its institutions continue to encourage racial disparity with great privilege. Dr. Carson continues his vendetta…

“And then the way, which really irritates me to some degree, the way he and a bunch of progressives manipulate, particularly minority communities, to make them feel that they are victims. And of course if you think you’re a victim, you are a victim.”

It is shocking that he subscribes to this with such anecdotal phrasing. That we are actually being made to feel as if we are victims and therefore collectively we begin to be the victims of police brutality, institutional racism, and gross inequality.

Summed up Dr. Carson is like a leaf that doesn’t realize that…it is part of a tree. Before you disregard those branches that support you aloft, think of the solid trunk and bark–integrated public schools, public housing, food stamps, and other black family and acquaintances– that has contributed to the great heights you have reached today. Then consider the roots — slavery, jim crow era, civil rights movements–your history, and how you came to be, from where you came.

Dr. Carson’s Horatio Alger story is remarkable, if not inspiring, a testament of focus and aptitude that is deserving, but not everyone with similar upbringing and fortitude makes it and it’s not because they weren’t deserving.

So when Ben Carson continues his microagressions and harps on and threatens to cut or revamp what he perceives as government overreach with programs that provide a social safety net from the ravagings of capitalism it glaringly seems like varying degrees of hypocritical. Speaking of which…

Recent studies in psychology have identified the evolutionary bases and the mental mechanisms of hypocrisy, tracing its roots to adaptations that serve contradictory functions in the human brain, and to cognitive biases and distortions that predispose humans to readily perceive and condemn faults in others, while failing to perceive and condemn faults of their own.

Now that Dr. Carson is seeking an even higher office he is singing a tune all too familiar to be elected by a party who is quite oblivious to America’s troubles here and abroad.

I prefer the sounds that I find most suitable and honest, a classic from a classic icon that I find apropos for the likes of candidates like Carson. The words are all to familiar as they ring true…

Dip for diplomatic;
‘Hyp for hypocratic;
Dry for dry-land tourist;
Tup for Topper Norris!
See de ‘hypocrites, dem a-galang deh!
See de ‘hypocrites, dem a-galang deh!
See de ‘hypocrites, dem a-galang deh! Man, go!

Listen here for more: Bob Marley — Hypocrites Lyrics

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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