Respectfully Glenn, this discussion is not even a squabble in my mind between you and I, it is merely a thoughtful discussion that makes great use of critical thinking skills. I applauded your rejection of racism because it is in fact a choice as you have clearly exemplified with your words and in your experience with what you have shared. Do refrain from using this opportunity to misinterpret or falsely attribute this statement or belief that “once a racist always a racist” to me as no where in any of my writings did I state or suggest this.

You seem a bit defensive when no offense was given or should have been taken. I do not sense any ill-will or deceptiveness in your opinions. I do however find the perspective you shared to be discomforting in that there is such a thing as a good racist as an isolated or intersectional identity marker. For instance, there is no way that the LGBTQ community could see us as good homophobes. The threat, the partiality, as well as a degree of intolerance still remains as a… what, gentle reminder I suppose. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Trust me it is easier to just not be racist, and not be homophobic.

For example, if Mr. Schlossberg showed true remorse then this would be a perfect example of an erroneous choice that follows erroneous thinking but that is clearly not what transpired. His motives were never determined as erroneous it was justified rather. Because he consequentially apologized for his racial outburst doesn’t mean he is a “good racist”.

Now if you want to substantiate tribalism as a means to human persistence and survival that would be a slippery slope because tribalism leads to cannibalistic behaviors and genocidal outcomes. The genocidal nature of tribalism in the Hutu tribe in Rawanda is as remarkably inane as the Mongols invasions or so called conquest — these terms distort or pervert language in an attempt to glamorize their idiocy and substantiate dehumanization with fear.

The motivated ignorance of Genghis Kahn, King Leopold, Adolf Hitler, Otto von Bismarck, Foday Sankoh, Ho Chi Minh, Idi Amin, and Tojo Hideki, just to name a few, led ignorant populations to psychologically destructive aberrations that mire us in disharmony. A vicious cycle just gains more momentum. The resulting mayhem was at the cost of humanity with utter brutality against their fellow humans. It was tribe first, morals second to them, down to the super subcultural level of parents and children.

The historical record is ahistorical. It is not accurate to believe that within those populations, that there weren’t cognizant moral people who were not at all willing to participate in destruction, but just had to go along with it for fear of being seen as treasonous, traitorous, unpatriotic, not loyal — or going against your “tribe” basically, which would result in their untimely death. This is not written about. People within those tribes died because of their moral and ethical values towards humanity. This is noble in my eyes.

I am sure there were moments when you felt like a traitor towards your racist family or felt that you may have committed treason for having sensitive beliefs — beliefs that are not only subject to change due to the circumstance of evidence and facts, but due to the sensibilities of having an open mind and practicing tolerance. So no we are not all racists, whether you happen to be born White, Black, Asian, or Latino. Racism is malevolent social conditioning, a socioeconomic form of neotribalism.

I have gone against certain family members in their denunciations of others based on prevailing stereotypes — there are plenty of white people who can cook, do have rhythm, do not have it out for Black people, are not wealthy, are not that smart, nor do they think that they are, and are just as fascinating as Blacks make themselves out to be. They are reminded that they are choosing to have insensitive beliefs with performative prejudice and bias instead of choosing to be receptive and nonjudgemental.

I think that being able to articulate motive honestly would help to decondition us from a social construct that is contradictory to the more positive aspects of our interdependence as a human race.

Without going off on several different tangents I think we can both agree on that.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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