Rita are you jus soli Portugese or jus sanguinis Portugese? I ask this because the shadiness of the white Portuguese and their false narratives and his-tory behind the Ínclita Geração which actually instigated and glorified human bondage and the reaping of the spoils of dehumanization can have a whitewashing effect with its alleged colorblindness on its populations. I promise you this is sincere fiction. The animosity, resentment, and prejudice were there and is still there.

Here are my thoughts on what you contemplate is happening with performative racism by Blacks that you have witnessed and legitimate to be real. The Afro-Portuguese are a divided and conquered bunch much like the African Americans are in the United States.

The indignation of the past has never been cleared up nor properly gleaned from as a teachable moment and learned experience for European Whites. It is mostly brushed aside as in the past. Well the past is often celebrated as cultural prestige or even utilized as cultural capital, and while much of Portuguese history is made out to be something to be proud of the same cannot be said of the history of the Afro-Portuguese who contributed majorly to Portugal’s socioeconomic standing in the world at that time.

It would have been simple and easy for the Portuguese to recognize history for what it is and fully make Portugal an inclusive society for all as reparations. But the stigma placed on the Afro-Portugese by their very own captors or kidnappers makes it difficult for them to do something basic in all human beings — and that is to trust when trust is not earned nor deserved.

This ongoing denial by white Portuguese that there is not a racism problem there is not only false it is insulting to the Afro-Portuguese. What happens when any human population is insulted or denigrated or brushed aside? There is suspicion, skepticism and distrust.

I am not saying this is justice because it is not. It is really just consequentialism. There is no pride in colonialism. This is false. There could easily have been reconciliation and inclusive diversity to atone for, and be the catalyst for de-racialization. But no, the vanity and insanity of whiteness blinds them from seeing the light.

The performative racism you see by Blacks is not only defensive posturing it is learned behavior from those who oppressed or dehumanized them.

Propaganda, management, manipulation — all arms of domination — cannot be the instruments of their rehumanization. The only effective instrument is a humanizing pedagogy in which the revolutionary leadership establishes a permanent relationship of dialogue with the oppressed. — Paulo Freire

I am curious. Did you learn about Paulo Freire in school?

Here is an excerpt from his world renown book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

The oppressed must see examples of the vulnerability of the oppressor so that a contrary conviction can begin to grow within them. Until this occurs, they will continue disheartened, fearful, and beaten. [22] As long as the oppressed remain unaware of the causes of their condition, they fatalistically “accept” their exploitation. Further, they are apt to react in a passive and alienated manner when confronted with the necessity to struggle for their freedom and self- affirmation. Little by little, however, they tend to try out forms of rebellious action. In working towards liberation, one must neither lose sight of this passivity nor overlook the moment of awakening.

Within their unauthentic view of the world and of themselves, the oppressed feel like “things” owned by the oppressor.

By the way Rita Alexandra , it is my pleasure to have met you on Medium this way.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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