Sadly, your statement Lecia is both commonly shared and patently true. The “Trump op-ed resistance”, now deemed a cowardly attempted coup, seems compelling but really this is nothing more than a layering of euphemisms to pacify white guilt. They could put it in a nice box, tie a ribbon on it and extend a free gift card with it, with no money down and zero percent interest, and I still ain’t buying it.

S I N C E R E — F I C T I O N

The op-ed is as hollow as the so-called quiet whispers of a resistance said to be holding the nation together. The threat and fears of a looming constitutional crisis replete with economic losses and untold consequences is the frayed threading precariously holding this tattered nation in one piece.

This system that was structurally built and insanely maintained for inequality and incentivized by the marginalization and oppression of minorities to zero sum effect is difficult to disassemble and or fathom for them. That and the source of pride developed from negative feelings of fear and loathing coupled with distrust and resentment for diversity and equity fosters the vanity and insanity of their groupthink narcissistic pride (whiteness). It seem all too insurmountable an evil to overcome.

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No further comment necessary.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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