Sam I wish they asked me when I was in school about the teachers that taught me. Teachers are pivotal to the socioeconomic health of a nation and at the more intimate level they are at the forefront of shaping young minds and instilling them with the foundation for persistent and deeper learning.

My experience overall scholastic experience beginning in high school was disheartening. None of the predominantly white female teachers instilled anything but inspiration. It was rather rote, unenthused learning. The only reason I got good grades were because i did not want to let my parents down and I figured out the way to make good grades were to make sure I employed and memorized their white framing of topics. Math was my only reprieve.

By the way I was suppose to be an architect like my grandfather was in Jamaica but I ended up do disenchanted and so broken by the teachers and subsequent professors that were hell bent on stealing my confidence. The repercussions of which were invaluable in terms of time and quite costly in terms of money. Good thing I decided to end that dream after the first year in college and redirect. I have never met a black architect in my life and I have gotten over my regrets.

That is just my story. Can you imagine the other lives that have been disrupted and the dreams that have been shattered?

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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