Same vibe. We are linked in ways that are not discrete yet unexplainably fluid and blurred at the same time.

I have never brought myself to write it down but I have said as much to a few people. And even though it wasn't ultimately up to me, I was glad, luckily, in the relationships where my want to NOT have children were heeded.

To have to deal with the racism alone would be akin to cruelty towards your own flesh and blood knowing that it won't ever change.

To deal with preventable outcomes that affect people of color for the simple reason of hate would have been agonizing to me. Of course I would love her or him unconditionally. But the pain of regret would have led to an early grave for me or even imprisonment. That's how much I love my unborn kids.

As always your pieces tend to draw me out in the open.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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