SC Decision on Roe Vs Wade Leaves Little Imagination To What’s Next

The agenda has long been laid bare

4 min readMay 6, 2022

Thanks to Senator Mitch McConnell the court has been stacked against ensuring and protecting what little remains of the democracy we employ and enjoy. To be sure identity politics matters most and it is quite peculiar how willingly those who mire themselves in the sort of factionalism on display to the detriment of democracy, that they not only spite the majority but spite themselves in the process.

It must be worth it for the myriad of factions of whom hold abject moral attitudes and politically adversarial beliefs that spin grievances into legislating laws that ultimately appeal to the extreme right while ensuring this unnecessary cycle of poverty for others in America.

The extreme right would like the right to bear arms protected even though the consequences are evidently egregious, and disruptive to society. Here the protection of life does not apply, but in the draft opinion of Justice Alito those same words were used to adamantly oppose the right to abortion, where the protection of life is suppose to apply?!

The neutralizing of voting rights is also happening in real time which makes perfect timing for the reversal of Roe vs Wade to occur. But before we can get to the Fourteenth Amednement which summarily states that ‘no state can deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law’, we have to get pass the Ninth Amendment. The Supreme…