Sherry I do know what you mean. Our empathy fortified by empiricism naturally makes us want to convert or save some lost or wayward souls. But we can’t save everybody. You, Marley K., Caleb Ramsby, Kay Bolden, Violet DeTorres, Jack Herlocker, and Dusty Craig, just to name a few, have written perspective-broadening and perspective-enlightening pieces that offer introspection and some retrospection. This is why our social exchanges create instances of social cohesion creating this unique solidarity.

The election of Donald Trump has preposterously emboldened stupidity leaving us to believe that maybe something must be wrong with non-stupid people. Leave them to their own devices and hope for the best — in terms of self correction.

That is the basis and persistence of science (and should be for religion). It is what the markets do every time, but they call it a market correction. And then some people will never change and will die that way. It is what it is.

I know my limits. My humanity shows and I don’t try to hide it with all these ism schisms and forms of existentialism that inspire and conspire with hate and discord for your own kind.

I don’t want your blood pressure to rise. That would portend a loss for me as it would for you. Overstand this.

In this instance it is quite okay to ignore these grown ass children and let them cry themselves to sleep.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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