Sherry, you and I seem to be wondering about this very same thing: the alternative. The options that we are presented with seem to suggest that there is a dearth of a plausible, reasonable, fair minded and competent alternative. The loudest, unscrupulous, and usually narcissistic among us seems to win every time. Even though this is not a game.

There are plenty of people who would make better politicians than the ones who currently control both the House and Senate. There are even more that would comparably serve as a better president. I know you and many others understand that this is saying a lot.

An example of people who would make better legislators and representatives of the people are actually most TED speakers. They along with people who actually engage in rational deliberation and thought-provoking debates about policies without derogation and puffery can be found in civic participation on Intelligence Squared. They are out there, but most constituents are apparently stricken with motivated ignorance coming from charlatans and plutocrats — who are actually doing them a great disservice and harm. They have taken this a step further and are knowingly causing harm to themselves in the process due to an insensitivity with their own beliefs in the face of incontrovertible proof, or apparent evidence or common sense.

The preponderance and unpredictability of stupidity amongst us seem to have rendered us in a catatonic state of incredulity. I believe our interactions like this on Medium contribute to breaking that paralysis. The loud and obnoxious has taken hold of the leading narrative and we are forced to reckon with it in spite of its falsities and sincere fictions.

We have a difficult road ahead of us.

It is quite disconcerting to see us unravel in such a self-defeating way like this.


Need more aspirin.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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