Sir, you were probably wondering aloud this, How dare I speak of whites and their scandalously callous whiteness like this?

Where did the audacity and the gall to speak out against or even the nerve to resist this social oriented dominance of well documented bias, observingly, but sparingly adjudicated discrimination, and this casual racism — violence against racially non white people, and the ongoing disparate impact and disparate treatment that proffers absurd inequality — as a fellow American?

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See, he gets it!

Americans have a duty to uphold and protect fundamental values with our given inalienable rights. I reserve the first amendment right to check those who violate this pact.

And yes let me add that if we are to go there and really consider the veracity of our identitarian statuses here then, after my humanness, and my cultural memberships, my Blackness does not even supersede my Americanness, since that was the corruptive label given to me by the scam of whiteness anyway.

So this “filthy stew of words” you subjectively and inaccurately describe and slyly use to pontificate to me about does not even compare to the disgusting descriptors (followed by attitudes and behaviors motivated by ignorance) that get disparagingly used to describe what should only be seen as fellow humans first— and fellow Americans thereafter, that just happen to have darker skin. However I do sense the absurd ire and the unease in your tone and attitude that exudes your resentment as misplaced loyalty to a lost cause.

So obviously you missed the point of the article and misread it because you are so concerned about reverse bigotry and reverse racism — all a figment of the wild imagination, vanity and insanity of whiteness that ironically induces the very same paradox of attitudes and behaviours.

This as I beg of you all, with love in my heart, for my fellow Americans to please break out of the existential shell that you all crawled into.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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