SMH 🤦🏾‍♂️ at all of this racist, oppressive, and classist nonsense.

In those articles you have listed are instances of which I have had to endure and there is no relief had in surviving it or continuing to survive it, it just gets more and more tiresome.

I have been threatened by NYPD of whom have wanted to kick my ass on many occassions. One of those reasons was when I about 18 years old and was riding with a friend who had just bought a car. I was in the backseat and we stopped by the apartment of another friend to pick him up and hang out for lunch. After circling around the block a few times looking for a parking spot which is difficult to find in Brooklyn, the driver double parked in front of the aprtment building to ring the bell and let him know we are outside. No sooner than he left a police officer belligerently yelled at me in the back seat to move the car NOW! I was taken aback and said this is not my car though. He then told me I got five seconds. I kissed my teeth (west indians kiss their teeth a lot in frustration) and shook my head and that was when the threats rang out from this officer — that I should get out of the car so that he could teach me a lesson. Another cop showed up and then another. I was not getting out of the car and I stated that I guess you are going to have to break into this car and try to make me move a car that is not mine. So come get me! This officer became enraged.

The owner of the car came running out and was apologetically pleading with this officer to not follow up on HIS threats. It didn’t matter that he was Black either, because not only has he been incentivized to terrorize his own community he was trained to do so. I have no criminal record to this day which is an anomaly especially having grown up in Brooklyn. Resisting arrest and disorderly conduct would have certainly been on my rap sheet. That is how watonly pernicious it is to pick up perfunctory charges with peremptory effect on your personal record.

Going away to college was the first experience with white supremacists wanting to kick my ass too. I have been threatened and have gotten into tussles with them. Many of my Black cohorts would walk together in a group not to intimidate others on campus but to defend and protect ourselves from others on campus. If any one of us were to have seriously maimed any of these white boys in these incidences we would been in prison to this day.

And then there is housing, huh! I have seen what would have been a wealth generator evaporate on paper after moving into my first home in an affluent central New Jersey suburb. These things are just par for the course. After a few visits and a few glasses of wine, my white neighbors felt comfortable enough to disclose the rate of interest they paid for their house. I also learned that their incomes and scores were below ours, respectively and yet just less than a year later we move in and were penalized with a higher rate. And I worked for a bank at the time as a VP.

SMH 🤦🏾‍♂️ Being Black in America this stuff just comes with the territory.

I hope this young woman who had her baby ripped from her arms and thrown in jail receive justice. Because like the Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, who is a retired NYPD captain said “Being poor is not a crime”.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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