We Really Shouldn’t Ignore the White House And Their Selective Immigration Policy

Because they are just fed up with all this diversity in America

Unsurprisingly, a new legislation has been announced to curb immigration in an effort to so call enhance national security and reserve jobs for American citizens — for the economy’s sake. The introduction of this slick bill called the RAISE Act S. 354, outwardly seeks to eliminate the Diversity Visa Program. Diversity, or the mere thought and sight of it has become a bad omen of sorts. The word is being misinterpreted as debasing the majoritarian social hierarchical structures and is seen as a hindrance to #MAGA — Making America Great Again. 😉

First off diversity isn’t about debasing majoritarian social hierarchical structures, its about dismantling intolerance and embracing acceptance of the many aspects of our own humanity. The current republican coup in place decidedly thinks otherwise. They would rather have a merit-based system in place that rewards those who speak English well, are financially stable, and can have certain skills to make America great again.


But what merits these merits?

One of the most troubling aspects of the RAISE Act is the basis by which these merits are established as worthy candidates for entry. Selective and bias — yes, but is it fair and effective? Merit based systems usually are based on a cogent standard of measure to compare against.

In a multicultural society like the U.S. would it be sensible to base merit solely on how well you speak English? For a dominant Super Power that leads the world in terms of democracy and economic prowess, that would seem counterintuitive. In fact, I find myself embarrassed at times that I can only speak English fluently with some of the stakeholders I deal with — whether personally or for business. Instead here in the U.S., having an accent is oftentimes frowned upon — lacking acceptance. Some people get very upset — intolerance. Some Americans are even intolerant of the English spoken by English-speaking Americans. But then again they are seen as minorities.

Another standard of measure that merits entry is financial stability. Do you have enough bank to roll on through Customs and obtain citizen status? There are way too many Horatio Alger stories to unsubstantiate this merit. Furthermore, financial success or wealth is entirely based on happenstance or luck, this sort of merit chasing would portend classism over grit, determinism and unity. Let this marinate a little.

Finally we come to making sure immigrants have the skills that would make America great again. What skills might that be? Picking fruit? Working in restaurants? Construction? Because robots virtually do the rest around here.

Some may emotively decide that this is hogwash or that I am misinterpreting the RAISE Act, because it is being promoted rationally and highly as protecting and securing our national interests. President Trump stated…

“The RAISE Act prevents new immigrants and new migrants from collecting welfare, and protects U.S. workers from being displaced.”

“That’s a very big thing. They’re not going to come in and just immediately go and collect welfare. That’s not going to happen under the RAISE Act, they can’t do that.”

Really!? People who dream the American dream and decide to take unfathomable risks: uproot and leave their families; give up their homeland; to seek better opportunities or maybe a better life; come here just to collect welfare?

I thought that the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 made immigrants — lawful and unlawful — unqualified or ineligible for welfare unless they have resided in the U.S. for five years — which at that point only made them eligible to apply for welfare if they are qualified residents. Other than that immigrants are almost universally banned from receiving welfare. By the way any study that states statistical information like this for example…


…are exaggerations by the Center for Immigration Studies according to the CATO Institute.

The CIS headline result, that immigrant-headed households consume more welfare than natives, lacks any kind of reasonable statistical controls. To CIS’s credit, they do include tables with proper controls buried in their report and its appendix. Those tables with proper controls undermine many of their headline findings.

One of the many major problems with their data is the ambiguity of an ‘immigrant-headed household’ with dual incomes that may exceed the head of the household’s in certain families.

The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act was co-authored by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Senator David Perdue (R-GA) in their moments of white fog and visible white fragility. For more on the white fog and white fragility please read Ms. stephanie jo kent’s article below.

Apparently the electoral vote has insisted that they do something about all this diversity and their gravalicious (or grabbalicious, I am of Caribbean heritage, please don’t kick me out for my English👀) welfare extorting ways.

In order to reconcile the RAISE Act with this abhorrent belief insensitivity on immigration, simply agree or go along with repealing ACA and the increasing healthcare costs that will follow at your own peril while the already wealthy receive tax cuts. They will turn around and cut immigration down to even less people of color so you won’t feel like you are having to compete for jobs. Those people of color will be more apt to placate the majoritarian democracy after such vetting on the merit based immigration system introduced because they already have money and will not use welfare. This will stall or phase out diversity initiatives that invalidate white privileges and will ensure that America becomes great again.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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