So Does This Mean You Don’t Need A Driver’s License If You Own And Operate A Driverless Car?

Let’s face it the technological advances of the autonomous car is the most astonishing of iterations for the car enthusiast and automotive industry. But driving a driverless car is an oxymoron and obtaining a license other than for identification purposes is futile if you plan to own one. The experience and thrill of driving have been erased and redesigned by self-driving technologies which will arrive pretty soon as interest and production conspire to negate the need for licensed drivers.

California regulators are scrambling to figure out how to address the future of driver-less-driving, but the technology seems to have everything covered so no need to to pay for periodic licensing fees. Most of the vehicles I’ve seen have no steering wheel, it appears you just sit there and monitor the system. As Ryan Calo, a professor of robotics law and policy at the University of Washington says

“For an autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel, I’m not sure you need any more training than you’d get for a dishwasher,”

Then there is the occurrence of something going wrong whether it is a system error, malfunction or collision by other drivers. I wonder what the reactions and interaction would be like, especially with law enforcement. I agree with Patrick Lin of California Polytechnic State University when he says that …

“Humans aren’t hardwired to sit and monitor a system for long periods of time and then quickly react properly when an emergency happens”

This does not happen all that well when humans are now operating their vehicles manually but the tacit ability to adjust to and or maneuver out of harms way and traverse away from hazzards has not been recorded and would be onerous to collect for statistical study.

For the record, I will never ever buy one of these vehicles. This is because I do enjoy the privilege of having a state-issued driver’s license to manually operate a vehicle with little to no assistance from the onboard computers. I don’t even want it as an optional feature for my car, unless I can dial it up from my iPhone and have the car pick me up at a location that I took public transportation to or took a ride from someone who is unable to drop me back home. But I don’t think they will make your car drive by itself unattended…or will they? hmm…

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