So Only When They Get Called Out Or Caught Killing Us It’s Mental Illness

These so called sick or crazy people are really domestic terrorists and if captured or killed they become casualties or martyrs of their declaration of war

I don’t believe in anything this president says or does

This shadowy war that white supremacy has waged on humanity has got to be stopped. It is the deep state — and this government was never compelled to really defeat it. The propitiousness of capitalism is given to its longevity, influence and power. Its intelligentsia has come up with all sorts of sophism and specious reasoning to defend, deflect, and disorient everyone on their belligerent halves.

Trump’s caesarism is emboldening a loose knit network of adherents to openly fire upon us. There are no lone wolfs. The pack gather online and have been seen at many of Trump’s rallies and white nationalists gatherings.

“Mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger,” Trump said. “Not the gun.”

Racism is not a mental illness and this absurd stigmatization is meant to confound and confuse people. Racism is scandalized immorality motivated by an ignorance and insenstive belief that is highly corruptive. It can be described as a strange kind of ignorance of not wanting to know, which is different from merely not knowing. Whiteness doesn’t want to know that they are equal to other human beings. They don’t want to know they are just as interdependent. This is not something that they don’t know or haven’t learned, they aggressively and purposefully just choose not to know due to their vanity and insanity.

“It’s really just scapegoating people with mental health issues,” says Dr. Seth Trueger, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Northwestern University. And while rates of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and suicidal behavior are on the rise in the U.S., Trueger says other nations have similar problems and experience far fewer mass shootings. “Other countries have the same kind of mental health issues we have, the same kind of violent video games we have, the same religiosity that we have. All that stuff is just a distraction” from the need for better gun control, he says.

Video games do not weaponize racists, actual weapons made available by a cannibalistic system that refuses to regulate guns and is upheld by a deep state of hatred and callousness weaponizes racists. The internet does not weaponize racists any more than the phone did prior to its widely available use. This deflecting is part of the erratic reasoning and movements employed by an offensive scourge of stupidity, which makes any rational defense against such irrationality difficult to organize. These reasonings offered by this president during his address of the violence in both El Paso and Dayton Ohio is difficult to understand in the way that theorizing that 2+2 can actually equal a number other than 4.

Racism is criminal behavior with an attitude and belief that is reinforced by a large groupthink phenomena that gives them the false sense that they are entitled to impose their race-centered values on the rest of society. Moreover, this is pure evil, and emphatically proves that evil does exist.

It is always laughable to me when certain white people are enlightened by the fact that there exists the same prevalence of individuals outside of their race that achieve success, intelligence, or wealth given the opportunity or provided that access has been made. It is even more asinine that they are dumbfounded by the occurrence given all the obstacles they collusively set up and place before other races they deem inferior.

The baseness of racism is not metaphysically dark, or supernatural, and contextually that open-ended and obscure narrative is just stupid.

At a May rally in Florida, President Trump made a joke after an audience member suggested that the government shoot migrants trying to cross into the U.S. (Reuters)

The call to “Shoot em” is what the audience related to and this amused them much to the delight of the president who indulged them with rhetoric that begged “How do you stop these people?”.

Trump wants them to believe that they are good people, great Americans.

Here is what a real president has to say about the recurring tragedies of gun violence.

Barrack Obama Twitter

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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