So Should We Be Preparing For A Civil War

The Pretext Of Ignorance Has Already Been Set

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The issue of white supremacy, racism, and prejudice is problematic even more so outside of obvious moral reasoning, because after stripping away the social-political influences, you are still left with the praxis — the engagement, application, and exercise of its existence in the majoritarian sense and racialized sphere. By default — and without adequate constraint this majority asserts a fraudulent condition of primacy in American society which undermines the fundamental rights of citizenry.

The confirmation by the President that there are two sides to the conflict and his doubling down on the growing conflict over the premise of “Who’s America Is It Anyway?” underscores the widespread, persistent production of ignorance. For clarity one side is denying the equality and rights of a predominately diverse group of Americans, while the other side resists and counters that premise — that equality and rights are deserving for all, not just for their side, but for all, in a manner that has little to do with being a minority or being politically correct as the basis. Its fundamental in just being.

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This form of ignorance is redoubtable and sinister in its false justifications and false equivalences in order to sustain privilege, a sense of pride, and honor within the false narratives of a remarkable history of liberty-seeking oppression and violence. The conclusion of which has been reiterated and ignored throughout, from the first Civil War which resulted in the abolition of slavery, to the civil rights accords that only weakened the Jim Crow Era that followed thereafter.

President Trump and his minions must have a sense that this time, this impending Civil War can be won differently for he has the power that Abraham Lincoln had and would no doubt win this battle hands down through his brand of presidential prowess. They must have the sense that he has us completely outnumbered and surrounded, therefore powerless by this gerrymandered electoral college vote map. Combine this with a rearmament solely subsidized by the NRA and its mischaracterization of constitutional rights to own and bear arms, and we have what appears to be a justifiable war to make America great again. This phenomena of ‘’ is what is being contemplated and upheld as an impulsive and reactionary need to fight for.

Imagine that!

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No need, it’s happening in real time today. A self-deception in the racial preservation of group identity so alienating and corrosive, vile and perverted to warrant bloodshed and death. This battle conspicuously as well as covertly has been waged for quite some time now. It is based on an insensitive belief that espouses white supremacy, justifies prejudice and warrants white privilege with all its benefits, as a marker of membership and entitlement, which is seen as being threatened by the removal of confederate statues of long held and revered symbolism on public grounds nationwide. A woke diversity is seen as an impediment to white vested interests.

White supremacy, the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis, al., are groups that are committed to each other under the #MAGA slogan and unAmerican flag. As long as Donald Trump holds the title of President of the United States, there is a perceivable threat of a new justifiable Civil War brewing.

By the way, to Mr. Trump and Mr. Bannon, and the entire White House Administration, to the entire republican party and it’s opportunistic minority groups, as well as the silent majority consisting of liberals, and democrats, white sympathizers, including those who want proof or evidence of the threat of racism and precariousness of our democracy…YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ME WITH YOUR BULLSHIT! AND I WILL NOT BE TAKEN IN BY IT!

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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