So We Are Just Going To Excuse This Presidency Away Now?

Forget Trump’s Messaging : What Message Is Congress Sending By Not Impeaching Or At Least Censuring Malfeasant Behavior

The Mueller Report points to malfeasance at every turn of this presidency

Our leader is highly representative of our nation’s esteem, pride and glory, of whom essentially got picked to sustain what amounts to a systematically ranked citizenship by institution callousness. Fomenting in the spirit of a return to greatness and encapsulated in the subconscious of our minds — in synchrony with our hearts and desires — is the acculturation to the idea that we are implicitly aligned to this social construct of a racial hierarchy. By bounding ourselves to the pseudo profound notion that the rungs below that buttress our pretentiousness are negatively bad, it makes the associations of being above relatively better than.


The research team, led by University of Virginia psychologist Jordan Axt, found similar hierarchies for religion (with Christianity receiving the most positive associations) and age (the same goes for children). Their study, published in the journal Psychological Science, suggests that if you are an older, Hispanic Muslim, you’re at the bottom of the social ladder.¹ — Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard

Our president has proclaimed that Hispanics and or Muslims are at the bottom of this visceral totem pole of humanity. That declaration has been made clear and is followed up by politicized policies that warrant the single most important infrastructure project cited to date — the construction of a wall along the border of Mexico, and a travel ban on Muslims upheld by the supreme court, all in our pseudo national interests of national security.

In a large-scale study measuring implicit judgments, Americans — not surprisingly — showed a strong liking for their own racial group. But beyond that bias, their answers revealed a consistent set of racial rankings, with whites being most associated with positive thoughts, followed by Asians.

Surprisingly, African-Americans did not end up at the bottom of the list. It appears that unfortunate place has now been reserved in our collective psyches for Hispanics.¹

For people of color, our national interests in sustaining our national security is predicated on the unsolicited subscription to whiteness — in appealing to or adhering with the privilege, entitlement and fragility to its existentialism — in all its absurdities.

The arguments that posit the validity of racial hierarchies with the virtues and vices of whiteness on top is substantially and emphatically illegitimate. The demonstrative experiences of malevolent white supremacy terrorism in all its forms from institutional bias to committing manslaughter and violence, from inequality to injustice, and from conspiracy-making to political incorrectness. And with the election of Trump we have seen and heard it all.

To excuse malfeasance is to do nothing about the findings of the Mueller report. To excuse the president, his incompetence and aberrant behavior is to excuse racism, xenophobia, hatred, whiteness, criminality, disunity, incivility, inequity, authoritarianism, and lack of respect for the constitutional rule of law. But most profoundly to excuse this administration is to legitimate politicizing — a terrible excuse.

When we use politicization as an excuse for what is right or wrong, then our intentions and motives can never be seen as right, and can never be seen as wrong. What it ends up being is a sorry excuse…for a president, a congress, for a set of democratic institutions, it’s a sorry excuse for a people — in one nation, under God, allegedly said to embrace liberty and justice for all.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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