So What Is Really Going On Here?

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“I mean, think about it. Some of the people who historically have been very critical of me for engaging with the Russians and having conversations with them, also endorsed the president-elect, even as he was saying that we should stop sanctioning Russia and being tough on them and work together with them against our common enemies. It was very complimentary of Mr. Putin personally.”

Now that — that wasn’t news. The president-elect during the campaign said so. And some folks who had made a career out of being anti-Russian, didn’t say anything about it. And then after the election, suddenly they’re asking, oh, why didn’t you tell us that maybe the Russians were trying to help our candidate? Well, come on!.”

President Barack Obama

12/16/2016 White House Press Conference

vidently, people who subscribe heavily to the social constructs of race (a longstanding scam) and its inherently fraudulent privileges will go to great lengths to thwart its imminent demise to stave off humanism. They would be willing to suppress the very essence of democratic principles and its coalescing of different faiths and cultures that excruciatingly birthed a super power, all in an aborting effort to promote dissonance with multiculturalism, reduce the effects of interculturalism, and fault globalization. This conspiracy is not a theory to indulge fantasy nor mystery, there should be no misapprehension of what is taking place before us.

How is it that we can’t all agree anymore that Vladimir Putin’s interests (which include specifically an ethnic cleansing policy)are not aligned with democratic interests and that his actions only pose increasingly dangerous ramifications for geo-political security, relations, and stability?

There is a lack of outrage and a blatant prevarication over the interference of a sworn enemy of American ideals whose existential threat to democracy is no longer a priority, but a reassessment. Unless the bigger threat is one that has commonality for both the President-elect, his cabinet and Russian interests overall under the social constructs of racial and gender hierarchy to what can only be described as authoritarianism–a neo-supremacist cooperative ideology in the making. Pyschologists have warned about this troubling phenomena hosted by a certain personality type.

During and after World War II, psychologists conceived of the authoritarian personality as a pattern of attitudes and values revolving around adherence to society’s traditional norms, submission to authorities who personify or reinforce those norms, and antipathy — to the point of hatred and aggression — toward those who either challenge in-group norms or lie outside their orbit. Among white Americans, high scores on measures of authoritarianism today tend to be associated with prejudice against a wide range of “out-groups,” including homosexuals, African Americans, immigrants, and Muslims. Authoritarianism is also associated with suspiciousness of the humanities and the arts, and with cognitive rigidity, militaristic sentiments, and Christian fundamentalism.

When individuals with authoritarian proclivities fear that their way of life is being threatened, they may turn to strong leaders who promise to keep them safe — leaders like Donald Trump.

bviously it would be incredibly inappropriate and exploitative to express this sort of ethnocentric belief openly, and make practical sense of it globally as a policy, but tribally and rather localized it has won over many who are either staunchly in favor or in deep denial of what recent political ideological events actually means for all of us. While the belief-formation was easily derived through control, resentment, a lack of empathy and violence, the belief-maintenance is untenable in the evolution of human perserverance.

By all accounts and measures thus far a president-elect Trump would no doubt sully the office of President and its remarkable symbolism of leadership in democracy. The ensuing desecration is rooted in some deep seated, devolved sense of entitlement. The curious and gratuitous benefit of the doubt being showered upon not only mystify but caricaturizes Trump in ways that defy logic and further enables his sociopathy. This can probably said of Putin as well.

Once again I am deeply saddened by all of this.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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