So Why Is He Still In Office?

The fundamental issue that underlies Trump’s presidency remains stupefying

As long as Trump remains in office, it becomes quite evident that our inaction has given the legitimacy we afford him and his narcisisstic supply of callousness and bigotry. Trump has failed to impress on so many levels that it has become both onerous and monotonous to keep tally and pay attention to what is at stake — which is our American livelihood.

That somone granted with the position of such great power and influence would politicize it in the worst way possible to feed their own narcissism and to appease their narcissistic supply of callous and racist, America first following is undeniably malevolent and immoral, and definitely unAmerican to most of the conscientious citizens of the U.S.

I say most because I really want to believe that most citizens of the U.S. are not inclined to perceive Trump in any way that is honorable and trustworthy. Trump’s best efforts and discursive speeches at rallies assuage the minds of a large enough minority whose majoritative legacy and status quo of yesteryear appreciate abusive, threatening and abrasive language aimed at silencing and humiliating others who oppose patriarchal whiteness or of whom are simply perceived marginally by the social dominance orientation acculturated here as U.S. citizens.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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