Some Simple Advice For Democrats and Republicans: Humanity Is Nonnegotiable

Based on our congressional leaders’ pivots and postulations about bipartisanship — about what’s right and what’s wrong with our country — it appears the only opinion that predominates is the alt-right, ultraconservative, immoderate, white male vote. It doesn’t really matter how diffuse the Democratic party relatively is in comparison to the Republican party, but it is apparent that what truly matters coming from the leaderships of both parties is this unequivocal concern about the sensibilities of this particular subgroup of our electorate.

Right now their resentment of others along with their privileged sensibilities are of major concern. This subgroup, by and large, control most of the economic resources in the United States. So in essence they demand most of our attention. They continue to ingratiate themselves with historically held positions of power, celebrity, and nobility in private and public settings. Their views are disproportionately represented as American values — not only do they determine what’s right for America, they staunchly detest what’s wrong with it from their own self-righteous perch in society.

All of their investments that they have placed into inequality continues to pay socioeconomic dividends for them in ways that range from hypocritical to naive, contradictory to forthright, and unassuming to pretentious. The attention and power they have garnered for themselves has made them the de facto sages for our overall democratic well-being with their concomitant acculturative approvals.

They disproportionately represent our social hierarchy and consequently mandate our socioeconomic status through which they oftentime override our popular vote.🤨 It is suggestive that our humanity is dependent on their indignant mood — for which we must obsequiously placate for their guidance, and for their appeasement. Due to historical circumstances of being wrapped up in their insensitive beliefs via religion, narcissism, racism, and othering, many are fearful of the threat of reprisals that can come from their reproach and disdain toward us.

Things must have seem really out of hand to them during Obama’s presidency because we are facing a politically wanton atonement under the Trump administration. It shouldn’t be all good for them and their counterfeit social capital though, because of their dastardly posturing, it consequently makes them the prime target for ridicule and rebuke, for extortion, for censorship, for envy, and for greed. Now in the land of rugged individualism (capitalism) you can begin to see how this obfuscates things a bit.

Acculturative cleansing

There is this great human cost to the mass deportations which has the added tinge of schadenfreude for them and their nationalist tendencies and leanings of this white patriarchal ideology which coincide with the cold political climate. The expiration of the DACA program and the opportunity to acculturative-ly cleanse present and future demographics is seemingly a Make America Great Again windfall for them.

Most would find it very awkward that they can proffer and tout this verion of democracy to the world, while when in their own little world there is principally an unwillingness to share it in earnest. Surely, there are rules that suggest that what democracy cuts out for them is insidiously not cut out for others and this “America first” rhetorical device bleeds out into the fabric of immigration and foreign policy.

The recent government shutdown is a precursor to further grandstanding on what is basically issues of humanity. We are essentially negotiating our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with the white patriarchy. A system that posits their continued dominance as acceptable social currency of notional value to be purchased or received in the form of credit and used by minority groups as tender for their non-threatening, marginalized, and submissive diversity. That exchange gives credence to the dominance that accrues in social value for them as we forfeit our rights and freedoms.

As constituents we must epistemically acknowledge our qualitative diversity ( when I say this we leave out the likes of Ben Carson, Omarosa Manigault, Nikki Haley, Kirstjen Nielsen, Mia Love…etc) is a contributing factor to our humanity. It is the underpinning of America’s fragile and foggy preeminence in the world. What remains alluring is the way in which we seem to overcome despotic, and racial strife with consistent, albeit low tide waves of persistence and hope for the human condition and its progressions. This congenial aspect of humanity is nonnegotiable.




It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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